Recommend novels or factual books about northern/eastern European history during the last century?

I really enjoyed reading "Under the North Star" about modern Finnish history, and I loved "The Long Walk" and "As far as my feet will carry me," about people escaping from gulags. Please recommend some books for me, either novels or historical fact books (but good, interesting ones) about northern & eastern European countries' history during the twentieth century. I'm especially interested in the nordic countries.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister

    Source(s): I've read the book before
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  • cissy
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    3 years ago

    Quo Vadis by utilizing Henryk Sienkiewicz This e book is a classic and stunning! It tells the tale of a Roman officer, Vinicius, who falls in love with a Christian woman, Lygia. that's in the course of the tine of Nero, at the same time as the early Christians are not established. At one factor interior the tale Nero makes a decision to burn Rome, and he blames it on the Christians. that's an epic love tale between 2 those that does no longer many times fall in love. i'm rereading it in the present day, because after I examine it the first time I skipped the great words. yet, that's stunning. in the adventure that your going to demonstrate screen the action picture, do not watch the 1951 version. Watch the polish version with subtitles. interior the polish version, the characters look a lot more suitable, and it would not pass as a lot scenes.

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