im really confused. When can STP be used in calculations? Can it only be used when the pressure is 1atm and the temperature 0 celcius? Or can STP be used to convert liters to moles whenever? WHEN CAN IT BE USED? PLEASE HELP

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  • Namito
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    9 years ago
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    This is about correlation. 1 ATM and 0 is the standard to get one mole.

    22.4 L = volume of 1 mole of gas.

    A larger volume would result if you heated it up.

    A smaller volume result if you cooled it off.

    Picture an imaginary hot air balloon with plastic not fabric. Pretend it does not have an opening at the top. If you put a basket of people below, it would rise off the ground. If you added enough hot air in a short period of time, it would pop, the volume would increase and increase and increase, and increase.

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