How Can You Be Pro-Choice but Not Pro-Suicide?

I'm really just curious as to your point of view, so please let me hear your opinion, especially pro-choicers. I follow this girl who is pro-choice- but she also campaigns regularly against suicide, and I got to thinking today that maybe that made her a hypocrite. Her thoughts when asked on abortion is that the world is already too overpopulated, it's the woman's body- well, when someone wants to kill themselves, isn't it the same logic? Yes, true, mental-illness is usually the drive behind it- but my sister in law has had emotional problems after having her abortion, who can say a woman is in her right mind at the time she decides to abort her baby? I ask, since I attempted suicide and ended up in a terrible hospital, got molested there- been even worse since then, but loved ones guilt me every day to stay here. She talks about Pro-Life guilt tactics, I feel it is the same for those who just want some peace. Anyways, thoughts?

Also- if the girl who wanted to kill herself was aborted before she was ever born, the death would have been fine to her. So why care now? It's the same soul, it seems strange to me. When does a life matter?


Thanks Anthony, but I live in the murder capital of the world- so you kind of look like a p*ssy to me too lol

Update 2:

@ America's Bane: I understand that point of view- but at one point, this girl was a clump of cells. What does it matter if she dies just later on? Her mom decided to let her live, the mom gets to have that choice, why does the child not have the choice to decide about her own life?

Update 3:

I'm thumbs-upping all opinions (as long as they are to my question and polite, lol) just to let you guys know! I enjoy playing devil's advocate, and there have been some great answers, thank you.

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    I believe in assisted suicide. I also understand that there are some people who have not been helped by medication, electroshock therapy, or any other treatment, for whom continuing to live in their state of depression is really torture. I consider that a terminal condition like cancer or any other. Unfortunately, there are a lot of young people who do not get the help they need when nature turns their world upside down, as well as many who feel that suicide is something to be glorified. As a nurse, I have seen too many whose suicide attempt was not a cry for help but a striking out at people for the most trivial of reasons. I remember once taking care of a 16-year-old mother who was mad because the priest said she couldn't wear white to her wedding.

    Point is, there are so many reasons and so many people involved that it is hard to say hard and fast either way. I definitely approve of Oregon's assisted suicide law. The fact that is has been used so sparingly since the law was passed indicates that those who must consult a doctor before doing it often find the help they need to make it through without it. But it should always be a choice.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Assisted suicide is okay. For clear, medical reasons.

    But to be clear about the wording. I would rather people didn't get abortions, just that they have the right to choose. Just like I'm not pro suicide, but you should have the right to do that too.

    There is a big difference between a fetus that is a clump of cells and lacks the though process of a developed human and an adult committing suicide.

  • 9 years ago

    well just like abortions, suicides also happen. IT goes to show that once someone has made their mind up about something there is hardly anything you can do to stop them. Its technicly illegal to kill yourself but like all illegal things, people find a way to do it. Abortion will no different

    I for one feel thats its the right of choice. Those who actually succeed in killing themselves were serious about it while the kids who just want attention or an aknowlegement of their problems dont go through with it all they way (taking enough pills to send you to the hospital but not enough to actually kill you, etc

  • 9 years ago

    Why would anyone be pro-suicide?

    If someone I don't know kills themself how can I care. It's going to happen no matter how much I protest.

    You're mistaking a physically developed human being with a life they spent years building with a clump of cells that has the potential for having A life (not technical life).

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Suicide is a sad thing, I have been very sad and low but I never thought about it. I lost my beautiful cousin Rosita not too long ago due to the Fast and Furious thing that obama was running. She was just coming out of a store with diapers when a battle broke out between Marines and cartel. Three guns that obama and holder scheme sold, were at the crime scene.

    I loved her like my sister because I never got to have one... I was very sad and I was not able to leave my house of eat for two weeks...

    ... now even out of the love and sadness I have for her. I could not kill myself, this is a high sin and I would love to go to heaven to see her once again.

    Now as far as the Choice you refer to, its murder outright. It should be no ones choice to kill their child.

    God bless.

  • 9 years ago

    How can people be pro choice but against the death penalty. who knows liberals only choose to stand up for certain rights and ignore common sense when it comes to others.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's all about CHOICE isn't it.

    Choose to kill someone else (abortion) or to kill yourself (suicide).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can't that is why I am for a womens right to choose and a mans right to commit suicide

  • 9 years ago

    Because suicide kills a person, abortion kills a clump of cells that isn't a person.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    In Mexico, an abortion is when they tie you up like a piñata and beat you......and suicide their is going outside at shut up and stop complaining!!!!!!!

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