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Ongoing project, what is your biggest fear?

Hello everybody! I'm hoping you guys would help me out on an art project/ spiritual dilemma I'm having at the moment. This isn't a hoax or anything, it's for my photo/studio art class and for myself. No spam. No questions. Just e-mail me your biggest fear :) I won't e-mail back unless you want me to. I won't share your name/e-mail with anyone. They will be folded into paper cranes. Yes, that's right. An installation piece that'll include photography and paper cranes that hopefully fill up an entire gallery space and will be called "Places I like to Hide." ^_^ If you want to see it or have any requests, feel free to contact me as well :) Well, thanks a lot to anyone who wants to participate (: My name's Veronica and you guys are awesome ^_^ !!! Feel free to put as many fears/aspirations as you want and please please please tell your friends about this project via facebook, twitter, myspace, I won't judge at all :) or just answer here if you don't mind :) Much love!!

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    Dying by car accident or drowning.

    ...........and ghosts....... D:

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