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why can't i remove AVG Secure Search bar?

i can't get rid of AVG secure Search, i tried Uninstalling it from control panel , i got rid of the toolbar how do i get rid of the search bar thing, what ever i try wont work (i use Firefox.) i looked through most of the yahoo questions on tips of removing AVG but nothing works. HELPPPPPPP DDDDDDD: i can't set my homepage back to google, and when i search things it goes to AVG homepage ;c (i've tried using un installing programs, i even tried restoring my system)

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    I had the same problem. Here is what to do:

    In the address bar, type "about:config". Continue past the warning. In the search bar, type "". Under the value column, right click on an entry that contains "avg" and click "Reset" (I only found two or three). Then, search "avg" in the search bar, and all of the entries (I had two to reset).

    Try a search using your address bar, and you should now be searching through Google.

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