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How to fix my computer virus FOR FREE?

Hi, I have an Eee pc that I use the internet frequently on. Recently, I opened up an email a friend with a link in it that I clicked on. A page opened up saying “You are here because a friend has invited you”, then all of a sudden these firewall messages popped up saying that my computer was infected with a virus and that I needed to buy antivirus software immediately. It also said that there were Trojan files on my computer- (I have no idea what that means). There was a list of “potential threats” down the page. Next to them were links saying “Clean”. I clicked on this and a page popped up asking for all my credit details, address and phone numbers so that I could purchase antivirus software. I clicked out of this, for I obviously do not wish to buy anything if this can be fixed for free. The messages say that the infected file is Kernel32.dll.

Ever since then firewall has been blocking all my attempts to access the internet. Balloons have been popping up from my tab saying “Error, serious slowdown in computer performance”. If I am lucky enough to get onto the internet, my session will only last for two minutes or less before firewall or something shuts it down. I desperately rely on the internet for various things. I know it sounds pathetic. Someone told me that the people who make the antivirus software send out viruses so that people will buy their product and that there is nothing I can do to fix this that won’t cost me anything. Please help me!! I need to be able to fix this COMPLETELY for free.

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    Sounds like one of the ransomware programs that's currently doing the rounds.


    Firstly, don't believe anything it's telling you. None of those infections exist. The only infection you have is the ransomware program itself.

    It would help to know its name. They all proudly display an authentic-loooking name. Failing that...

    Try this, in the order in which I've presented it:

    Boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You do this by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as you boot up. Once there, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking. Continue to boot from there, by pressing Enter. You will now see some drivers being loaded. There will be a pause at some point. This usually lasts for no more than 30 seconds.

    I don't know if this infection messes with your internet connections. Some do. The next section is included in case it has:

    Start Internet Explorer, and when the program is open, click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

    Now click on the Connections tab.

    Now click on the Lan settings button.

    Where it says Use a proxy server for your Lan, remove the tick in the tick box, then press the OK button to close this screen. Now press the OK button to close the Internet Options screen. You should now have web access.

    If that's successful, download and run TDSSKiller.exe from Kaspersky Lab. It's tiny, and takes just a minute to run. It hunts down and kills a specific family of rootkits. Some of these infections include a rootkit:…

    Regardless of the results, open your browser, copy and paste this link into the address bar and press Enter. It's a direct download for RKill. Save it to your desktop, then run it. When it's running, your desktop icons will vanish for a few seconds. When the notepad report is displayed, just close it. You may now delete RKill if you wish:…


    Now open your browser and copy and paste this link into the address bar, and press Enter. It's a direct download for the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM). Install it, get updates and run a full scan (still in Safe Mode):

    After this, try rebooting normally. If that's successful, I recommend you run another full scan with MBAM. It will detect malware that wasn't running in Safe Mode.

    You should now delete TDSSKiller.exe, as updated versions are often made available. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can be easily uninstalled, should you wish to do so, but it may prove to be beneficial in the future.

    Hope this helps.

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    You opened a very bad link which likely installed a worm on your computer which can be very difficult to remove. Most time these worms virus prevent you from accessing the internet, being able to run your protection software and installing new software to remove the infection, but if there is even the slimest chance of removing this infection this program would be the one to do it. It is free to download, ignore the buy it now option. I use this program all the time. Once it has installed run a full system scan. This can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

    PS. Who ever told you the people who make the virus protection software to infection peoples comptuer is a bonehead. They have no idea what they are talking about and no idea how a computer works or runs. I myself use free protectoon both for virus and spyware and my computer runs great. No unwanted software or ads poping up or anything.

    Now if the program is unable to remove the infection the only way to resolve the problem for free would be to format the computer and reinstall windows. Otherwise you may have to take it to Geek Squad, but chances are they wont be able to remove the infection and they'll reinstall windows which you can do yourself and not have to pay anyone.

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    Well if you don't have a lot of personal information or a bunch of stuff you care about on your computer you can easily restore it to factory defaults. I'm not sure what computer you have so I can't tell you how but you can google how to do it for your computer off of a different device(because you cant google it on the infected one obviously)

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    using another computer, download the free version of Avast antivirus and put it on a flash drive. from the flash drive install onto your infected computer and run the scan. after it has gotten rid of the virus, scan the flash drive as well and format it just to be safe you will not reinfect other computers with the flash drive.

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    Visit this link...

    Download the Norton Power Eraser and run the tool.. It's free and will try to catch the viruses

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    You can just follow this guy's video I found on youtube, I had my computer infected too but I followed it and it fixed mine, hope it helps

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