What type of business model is Ryland Homes construction? PLEASE HELP?

I am doing a huge report and one thing I have to explain is the business model of Ryland Homes. Ryland Homes is a homebuilding company that builds homes throughout the U.S. and sells them. They also sell home owners insurance, mortgage financing, etc. They are always on top of market trends like eco design and provide special services like programs to customize the houses, etc.

I dont know what this business model is called. Is there a specific name? Or do I make it up? I don't understand. Please help me!


I'm not dumb. Ive scanned the whole textbook and researched for 2 hours before coming to yahoo answers. this isn't my first solution to figuring this out.

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  • Jerry
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    9 years ago
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    Ryland is a publicly traded company, so there is plenty of info available.

    Start with the Yahoo Finance profile page. First link below. You can also navigate to recent news stories, analyst estimates, largest shareholders, etc.

    Go to Ryland's home page. Near the top right you see a link for "Investor Relations". Read some of the SEC filings, annual reports, and quarterly reports. You should find Ryland's description of its strategy, competitors, and a large section on risks. That should be plenty to write your paper.

    If you want to differentiate RYL versus other homebuilders, look at similar info for TOL. PHM, KBH, BZH, LEN, etc.

  • 9 years ago

    "Huge report" sounds like a research project. I think you should Google "Business Model Types" and reference your text book for the class.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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