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How to stop the abuse of Tennessee Walking Horses?

I don't know how many of you are aware, but there is currently rampant abuse in the Tennessee Walking Horse community. Horses are being beaten, whipped, and sored (caustic chemicals are poured onto the ankle to create soreness). I saw a report on this last night ( I really want to make this stop.

I made a petition to stop the abuse. It encourages the TN governor to halt competitions until abuse regulations are harsher, and asks the US Senate and House of Representatives to make changes to the Horse Protection act to help these horses.

I want to know what else I can do? How can I spread the word about this issue and help these horses? I know I am only one person...but I still want to help.

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    Ask your state representative . Why is this practise acceptable in Tennessee? Wait for answer go from there. Also write county officials where this takes place. No need to involve the whole world it takes too long.

    Ask this association WHY this is an acceptable practice

    Ask this University President why this is taught in his Tennessee school.

    You will get answers like we do not approve or teach and so on. Your next letter is "and What are you doing to help stop it?"

    Get officials from various places to say they object to it. Now you LEAN on them to help stop it. Sorry a petition ( along list of names) does not do much to change anything. $$$$$$$$ is what counts.

    Instead of the Governors Office try this one SUSAN Whitaker as a proud person from Tennessee you expect this to be featured on tours of your great state If she disagrees then you have another ally.She runs this Office

    Sometimes you need an indirect approach. You could also contact SPCA PETA and other groups for help. The practise will stop if it is bad for bu$ine$$. Not just Horse business.

    Contact the Hotel Association you would like a hotel near where the cruelty takes place can you suggest one? You may get a faster result if you try to promote this great side attraction to the business. Bus tours celebrity endorsements and so on. You may have trouble starting your tour but will have gained even more supporters to help stop this practise.

    Think outside the box. You will get more action with local support.

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    There is a lot you can do to raise awareness. Lots of people who are opposed to horse abuse start websites, vlogs and blogs, write books, etc. Any way to get the information out to the public is useful. You can also start raising awareness around your community. Attend horse shows and other public gatherings of horse-people and organize with others to do speeches or some such thing.

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    This abuse is not "rampant". It is illegal and will get a trainer banned from competition. Federal inspectors go to all major horse shows and inspect the horses.

    There are always going to be a few bad seeds in every sport and industry.

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    People like you is why the horse industry dies! ONE stable shows abuse and automatically abuse is RAMPANT and in EVERY stable! You NEVER hear about all the stables and farms rescuing horses or doing right by their horses all you hear is ONE instance of abuse!

    I'm not saying some of the stuff they did was wrong, but THINK BEFORE YOU ACCUSE AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY!

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    Please educate yourself more, by saying "rampant abuse in the Tennessee Walking Horse community" is making a very broad statement.

    I promise you, I have never put any chemicals on my horse's legs to enhance movement.

    Please read this website so you can understand more, and see that it's not all TWH people-only a few.

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    Call your local news stations and request they do an inside story. You can also contact your local news paper and one very good way to get more exposure is to start your own facebook page and get your friends and family to like and share the page. Everything on facebook spreads like wildfire. They also have major websites and blogs catering to horse owners. Let them know if you open a facebook page so they can subscribe to it too! The internet is your best friend! Good luck and contact me if you open the page so I can subscribe and share! Best of luck!!!

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    There are other groups who oppose 'Big Lick' competitions. Even some Tn Walker breeders. Google them and you might find the support youre looking for. Good Luck!

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