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Fantasy Baseball Trade - Need Help!?

12 Team Dynasty League - Head to Head Points League

Team 1 Gets: David Price, C.J. Wilson and Freddie Freeman

Team 2 Gets: Roy Halladay, Paul Konerko and Logan Morrison

Which sides win this deal? Why?

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    Team 1 looks best.

    CJ Wilson has been great this year (he has has 2 bad starts out of 9 but is considered high end), Price is untouchable and already has a complete game shutout (and his home field is very pitcher friendly = large), & Freddie Freeman was the NL player of the week a few weeks ago - He is in a minor slump after scratching his cornea, but is now wearing glasses (He is a solid and upcoming star). All 3 are owned 98 -100 % in CBS Fantasy Leagues.

    2 ~ Halladay is always a great bet. He holds a current record of 4 and 3, but the Phillies are having a hard time giving him run support. Paulie Konerko is one of my favorite players and is a powerhouse, but was just hit in the head with a pitch by hard throwing Samardjiza--if PK is healthy he is great, he has been on a surge of late. And Logan Morrison, hmmmm - I do like him But he is sitting when left handed pitchers are throwing, and is coming off of knee surgery. He needs rest for his surgically repaired injury--he is struggling with 2 home runs and 9 RBI (owned 69%, the only one in this group under 98%).

    Check out cs@supportsusa.com<cs@supportsusa.com>; ~ for info and rankings

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    I can see an argument for both sides, but in my mind Team 1 wins hands down. Logan Morrison is the worst defensive left fielder in the major leagues; add that to his chronic knee issues and I'm very concerned about his at bats. He's easily the weakest/riskiest player in the deal.

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    Team 1 by far because Freeman is young and Konerko is old.....

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    CJ most underrated picther in mlb ,price has alot of upside an freeman is a great young player with alot of upside....Nothing wrong with other side but i like cj wilson side better.

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  • 9 years ago

    team 1 by far in a keeper league

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