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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

急!!!!! 考試的)) 翻譯..英文書信~中翻英~~


*如果翻譯不順可以改一下沒關係= ˇ=

* 麻煩請給我最正確的中翻英!!!! 謝謝^^



不好意思!! 改這些可以中翻英嗎??

5/22 前翻好可以嗎> <


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  • 8 years ago
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    The correct translation with a little correction:-

    These few years in school ,under the instruction of teachers,have made me learnt a lot of things!

    Not only Human Relationship turns better,but know more friends.

    Joining the various society and school activities have fulfilled my student life a great sense of fulfilment.

    These process in my student life help keep the unforgetable memories.

    The future prospect is to let myself to learn to pass through and go forward every obstacle to fulfil my forward ambitions.

    2012-05-21 16:08:57 補充:

    These process to be stored---------

    Every obstacle at each level,to fulfil my forward ambitions,(which will continue to grow forward.)

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  • 不好意思~


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  • ANI
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    8 years ago




    In schools in recent years, under the guidance of the teacher's efforts, I have much to learn from, and relationships become better, a lot of friends, in addition to participate in clubs and school activities, not only felt the studentslife is so fulfilling process are to be stored in the student life of memories, the future of the road want to learn to break through the barrier to break through each level, will continue to grow forward.


    以上是我的回答 希望對你有幫助



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    2012-05-21 22:37:01 補充:

    My good friend, we are about to graduate, in fact, very dismay, I am very happy with each other will help each other whenever we have difficulties when very touched by your such a good friend struggle with in the future workplace, but alsotogether to enjoy the good life.

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