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Why did i get such a bad headache from briefly looking at the sun today?

So today i looked up at the sun but it wasnt for that long, maybe 5 seconds...right away i felt pain in my head and as the day went on, it turned into a massive the time i got home from school, my headache was horrible...just moving my eyes around a room gave me this bad sore pain in my forehead, and i was sensitive to any light to the point where i was going to throw up because i felt so also made my headache worse to look at a screen of any kind....eye strain maybe? I know youre not supposed to look at the sun, and i never do, i guess i just wasnt thinking about what i was doing...later i learned that its really realy bad to look at the sun during a solar eclipse, and theres gonna be one in less than two there a connection between the solar eclipse and my massive headache, or is it just a concidence? And if theres a connection, why did this happen?

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    It just sounds like you got a migraine headache. They can cause all the symptoms you listed. I think it was just a coincidence it happened when you looked at the sun. Certain lights can cause headaches. Any way, sounds like a migraine headache, lots of people suffer from them.

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    SORRY, but the only reason i am in a bad mood is because i have a very bad cold and i am really not in the mood to be playing around, If i didn't have this terrible cold i would probably have the best attitude about things!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't know man, I really don't think so. You should just know not to look into the sun... I mean, I can barely look around the area of the sun without my eyes hurting. It's bright, and brightness hurts your eyes. I don't think you will die. Stop Googling, go to sleep and it'll probably be all better.

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