What are the Criminal Minds episodes with Will and JJ?

Basically what are all the episodes with the two? Like when they met, she got pregnant and others?

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    These are all the episodes with JJ and Will storylines:

    2.18 Jones

    This is the episode where the two first meet in New Orleans, LA while the BAU are investigating a case. During the investigation, they develop an attraction with one another.

    3.17 In Heat

    This is Will's 2nd appearance and where we find out that they have been dating for a year.

    3.18 The Crossing

    JJ discovers that she is pregnant.

    3.20 Lo-Fi (Part 1)

    Will tells JJ that he will give up his job in New Orleans to raise the baby with her and also proposes marriage which JJ accepts (Not sure about her answer).

    4.07 Memoriam (Part 2)

    JJ gives birth with Will present and the couple tells Reid that they like him to be the godfather of Henry.

    5.09 100 (Part 2)

    JJ and Will go to the pharmacy with Henry to get some medicine for him as he is sick. During the pharmacy run, JJ discovers an important clue to the case.

    5.10 The Slave of Duty

    Will with JJ attends the funeral of Hotch's ex-wife and offers his condolences.

    7.07 There's No Place Like Home

    JJ gets called into a case while taking care of a sick Henry. Will and JJ get into an argument, which they've had before, over her job which takes up a lot of her time. Will wishes that she still had her old job at the Pentagon because the hours are more flexible. When Henry suffers a seizure, Will calls JJ, but she is unable to return home as there is a tornado. She finishes the case and along with Will reads Henry his bedtime story through the phone.

    7.23 Hit (Part 1) and 7.24 Run (Part 2)

    Will gets involved in the case when he earns the ire of the partner of the man he shot.

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    JJ Season 6 episode 2 When JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, she deals with a new job offer that she can not ignore. Meanwhile, the BAU braces for the loss of one of their own. Compulsion season 1 episode 2 First appearance of A.J. Cook as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau. "Hit (Part 1)"Run part 2 the final tow epissodes of season 7

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    Criminal Minds Jj And Henry

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