what are some free screen Recording software for PC?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Replay Video Capture uses a high speed recording technology to create a high quality videos.

    Total Screen Recorder (Shareware - $29.95/Windows) - is an easy to use screen video recording software that records video with audio.

    Download Total Screen Recorder

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    ACA Screen Recorder ($39.95/Windows) - is a video capture software that records AVI movies directly from your Windows screen.

    Download ACA Screen Recorder

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    HyperCam (Shareware $39.95/Windows) is video capture software that records AVI movies (screencam) directly from your monitor. It supports text annotations, sound, and screen notes. You can select Frame rate and compression quality prior to video capture. HyperCam is not intended for re-recording of other video clips from the screen (e.g. playing in Media Player, RealVideo, QuickTime etc.), but rather for creating regular softwarepresentations, tutorial, demos etc.

    Buy HyperCam at element5 for $39.95.

    Capture Professional (Shareware - $38.95/Windows) - captures the entire screen, controls, menus, elliptical areas, windows, DirectX surfaces, polygonal areas, client areas, rectangular areas and more. Captures images from games and media player applications. DirectX overlay surfaces can be automatically captured by themselves or they can be included in screen captures made using other screen capture modes. Capture Professional has the ability to capture images or video and audio (DirectX overlay surfaces can't be saved to a video file!)

    Mr. Captor - captures anything you see on your computer screen, including the entire desktop, rectangular, elliptical and freehand regions, single window, a group of windows, menus, cursors and colors. It enables capture long web pages, PDFs, DOCs and other documents by using auto-scroll feature. The program can also record any screen action, save it as AVI file and capture on timer event. Supports capture from DirectX/Direct3D games, DVD and Media Player. Extracts images from EXE, DLL, SCR, OCX files. Enables save images in a variety of graphical formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, ICO and many others). Additional features include support for hotkeys, image editing, email support, web publishing, printing and more. It is a very useful tool for designers, web masters, developers, technical writers and more.

    ScreenCorder (Shareware- $249/Windows) captures and records all your desktop activity. You may enhance recordings with step-by-step audio instructions and graphic speech bubbles. You also can correct audio and video or add new material to existing recordings. Export recordings to multiple formats, including AVI, Animated GIF, WMV streaming video and Flash.

    MediaCam (Shareware/Windows) - captures video from the whole desktop, a selected area of the screen, or a window. Exports directly to PowerPoint, AVI and PackAndView. Captures audio and overdub if required. Shares captures across the network, distribute them via e-mail, and publish them on the Internet or Intranet. Free 30 day trial.

    Hero Screen Capture - is a screen capture and video capture software that can record full or any area of computer screen to AVI or GIF format. It supports sound recorder, text annotation. You can combine files and edit frames with it.

    Easy Video Capture (Shareware - $29.95/Windows) - a video capturing tool for recording your screen activities into AVI video in real time. It supports recording video, audio, and mouse cursor. You may change the options for recording, add text to video, record video with audio, choose to record mouse cursor or not, blink the area border when recording, and so on.

    Capture-It! (Shareware - $19.95/Windows) - is a screen capture program. Can capture screen shots of the active window, the entire screen, user defined area, menus, objects, and more. Saves video as AVI video or GIF animation. FREE 14-Day Trial.

    CapturePad (Beta version/Windows) - s a video capture utility which allows you to capture any screen activity into standard AVI file, JPG sequence and even into Flash SWF file. Besides that CapturePad works with any video hardware attached to the computer so you can easily grab and save a video from your webcam, tv tuner, etc.

    Cybercam (Shareware/Windows) -

    ACS Capture (Shareware - $25/Windows) - makes screenshots and captures screen images, icons and records your actions as AVI. Free 30-day trial.

    Cam2Flash (Shareware/Windows) - Record your screen and save in as a Flash file (SWF). In Enterprise version, you can also create an exe file.

    WinCam 2000 (Shareware/Windows) captures everything on your computer screen in full motion, and records it as a movie file. Adding narration, background music and sound effects are very simple using the Recording Wizard. Recorded movie files can be converted to EXE, AVI, and ASF as well as WinCAM 2000's own WCM and WCO file formats. Have built-in movie editor. Free 15-day trial.

  • 4 years ago

    Bandicam is worth checking out. However, the free version will give you a 10 minute recording limit.

  • 8 years ago

    CamStudio is a very good option and it's completely free. No trials or anything like that.

  • 8 years ago

    if you want to record games, definitely FRAPS.

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    .. i use snagit

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