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抱歉未能出席 / 參與 - 英文點講?

抱歉未能出席 / 參與 - 英文點講?

係咪sorry, i cannot attent?

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    English Translation


    抱歉未能出席(會議) 英文是:

    I am sorry that I cannot attend the meeting.

    或者簡單說: Sorry, I can't attend.

    抱歉未能出席參與(活動) ,英文是:

    I am sorry that I cannot participate in the event.

    或者簡單說: Sorry, I can't participate.

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    普通朋友/同事之間的social event當然可以咁直接啦。


    Thank you for the invitation, but I am unable to attend/join...the event.

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    NO,Sorry unable to attend / participate in

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    Sorry,I cannot attend/be present at...

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