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可以幫我看我這英文翻的哪邊有問題嗎 ??感謝你

2,5-呋喃 二甲 酸(FDCA)化學結構與對苯 二甲 酸(PTA)類似,適合作為合成聚酯的原料,可由來源豐富的生物質材料果糖,經酸催化脫水及觸媒氧化製得。本研究配合工研院材化所FDCA製程開發計畫,進行FDCA純化方法探討。考量FDCA的物化特性,規劃多種純化程序並進行實驗測試,歸納得最佳的純化方法為以乙二醇為溶劑,藉由冷卻結晶純化FDCA。

Preparation of 2,5 - furan dicarboxylicacid (FDCA) can obtain from abundant sources of biomass materials via acidcatalyzed dehydration and catalytic oxidation. FDCA of chemical structuresimilar to terephthalic acid (PTA), can replace terephthalic acid as thesynthesis of polyester raw materials. This invention,combined with the FDCAprocess Research and Development program of the ITRI MCL, relates to the methodof FDCA's purification. Consider theFDCA's physico-chemical properties, planning a variety of purificationprocedures and laboratory tests. We found the best method of purification ofethylene glycol as a solvent, by cooling and crystallization purification of the FDCA. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

我寫了好久一直被退 好悶

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    2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), having similar chemical structure with terephthalic acid (PTA), is suitable for being used as the raw material for synthetic polyester. FDCA can be produced by acid-catalyzed dehydration of fructose, a source-abundant bio-material, followed by catalytic oxidation. This research, cooperating with the Development Program on FDCA Production of the ITRI, MCL, aims at the investigation of purification methods for FDCA. Consideringthe physical and chemical characteristics of FDCA and planning a number of purification procedures with experimental studies, it was concluded that the best purification method is to purify FDCA by cooling and crystallization,using ethylene glycol as solvent.

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    2,5 - furan dicarboxylicacid (FDCA) , similar to the chemical structure of terephthalic acid (PTA), suitable for raw material of synthesizing polyester, can be obtained from abundant sources of biomass materials, the fructose, via acid catalyzed dehydration and catalytic oxidation. This research, cooperate with the FDCA process Research and Development program of the ITRI MCL, is investigating the method of FDCA purification. Consider the FDCA's physical and chemical properties, we propose a variety of purification procedures and fulfil laboratory tests. The best method of purification we found is, using ethylene glycol as a solvent, purify FDCA by cooling and crystallization .

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