The Holocaust essay? ?

I have an essay for the holocaust.. Can anyone sum it up for me please? Thanks ;P

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    The holocaust was in Germany run by a man named Adolf hitler he killed mainly Jews but also killed people who were imperfect like homosexuals mentally ill and just the wrong hair color he had concentration camps where these people were killed and killed these poor millions of people very painfully in the camps the holocaust can be compared to a genocide

    Things that happened in the holocaust concentration camps were starvation, shooting, power showers (shower of toxic gas) , and death from diseases , the holocaust was one of the worst things to happen to the world

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    3 years ago

    I have learn 'If this can be a guy' through Primo Levi and 'One day within the lifetime of Ivan Denisovich' through Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Both those guys survived WWII labour camps. One factor I spotted in each books was once that they each point out that the persons who survived had been those who had been three/four down the queue for the soup rations. The soup, which was once the one scorching meals served, was once in no way stirred, and acquired thicker the additional down the pan you acquired, in order that the primary within the queue acquired not anything however scorching water, while those on the finish acquired the thicker stuff, might be with simply sufficient protein to aid you live to tell the tale an extra day. At the top of the queue the man or woman who was once serving had began to calculate how so much was once left, and what kind of he was once going to maintain for the chefs, and so the quantities had been smaller. And Paris Hilton thinks she has issues!!

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    8 years ago

    Hey pretty much summed it up perfectly

    you ungrateful little brat why don't you read a book instead of cheating and makeing others do work for you

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