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Can you hear kittens inside a pregnant cat with a stethoscope?

My cousin who is a doctor gave me a really nice disposable stethoscope some time back. Really works, I like listening to my pets' hearts... My cat will be about 2 weeks pregnant in 2 more days.

(not certain if pregnant...but was placed with a tom for 3 days while in heat)

Was wondering if kittens would be able to be heard. If so... What sounds would they make? Tiny rapid heartbeats? Maybe sounds of moving around in the womb?


I listened to her lower abdomen and it sounded like a swishing bumping sound. Since she's only *possibly* 2 weeks in I figure it may be her food moving around being digested...buuut not sure.

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    The only sound you can hear is the heartbeat of the kitten and a thump when the kitten moves and hits the stethoscope. The swishing sound you are hearing now could be her heartbeat. Food sounds are a higher pitched,intermittent ping. A kitten's heartbeat is faster than the moms, but it is too early to be hearing the heartbeat of a kitten.

    I first find the kittens by putting my hands around the queen and feel the movements of the kittens. You can guess how many kittens by feeling movements in different places on her abdomen. Heartbeats are harder to hear.

    Have fun.

    Source(s): foster mom of cats/kittens RN
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