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What are some important things that affected american history in the years 1816-1840?

IMPORTANT things! please. No pointless crap :)


i also need years

Update 2:

i also need years

Update 3:

25 things with years for each one gets the best answer :D

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  • 8 years ago
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    Arrayed in no particular order:

    1.One of the biggest things - completion of the Erie Canal! Opened in 1825, and made New York into the Empire State.

    2. Panic of 1837. Huge economic depression that occurred in - you guessed it - 1837

    3. John Quincy Adams negotiated the Treaty of 1818 - which was hugely important and resolved boundary disputes between Britain and the US in the northwestern part of the US, giving the US additional territory up to the 49th Parallel. Date: no surprise, 1818.

    4. John Quincy Adams negotiated the Adams–Onís Treaty of 1819 with Spain, ceding the Florida territory to the US and resolving the borders between the US and Spanish lands in Mexico. Date: 1819.

    5. John Quincy Adams authored what we know as the Monroe Doctrine, in 1823. This was the fundamental foreign policy statement for the US for many decades.

    6. John Quincy Adams was chosen as the 6th President of the US in the 1824 election. This was a contested election - Andrew Jackson actually won the popular vote but not the required majority of electoral votes. The House of Representatives chose Adams in 1825, which infuriated Jackson's supporters. Dates: 1824-25

    7. Indian Removal Act - passed in 1830. This is what led to the "Trail of Tears" where the Five Civilized Tribes were forced to remove west of the Mississippi

    8. 1831 - the US Supreme Court decided the landmark case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, deciding that the Cherokees were not a sovereign and independent nation, and therefore not entitled to be heard before the court.

    9. 1832 - the US Supreme Court decided the landmark case Worcester v. Georgia, establishing the legal relationship between native tribes, the states, and the federal government. This opposed the forced Indian relocation, but the Court had no power to implement its ruling.

    10. 1828 - Andrew Jackson was elected the 7th President of the US. His first inauguration was rowdy and out of control because he allowed the common folk into the White House, and furniture and windows were broken and carpets muddied.

    11. 1836 - President Jackson issued the "Specie Circular" requiring that buyers of government land pay in "specie" (gold or silver coins). The result was a bank collapse as banks could not meet the demand for specie, leading to the Panic of 1837.

    12. The Nullification Crisis! Hugely important, from 1828-1833 - where South Carolina, dissatisfied with federal tariff laws of 1828, decided that it could ignore these laws within its jurisdiction. It nearly led to federal force being used by Jackson against South Carolina, except that a compromise tariff law was passed in 1833 and the fight was avoided.

    13. 1829 - the first steam locomotive in the US, the Stourbridge Lion, was tested.

    14. Railroad expansion became widespread from the 1830s and later, making shipment of goods cheaper and more widely available in areas that were not served by canals.

    15. 1820 - Missouri Compromise was adopted. This was a compromise between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups in Congress addressing the regulation of slavery in the western territories.

    16. Even though this was not taking place in the US, it had a huge impact on the US. The Mexican War for Independence was going on until 1821, and it created the new country of Mexico, separate from Spanish control, from the remaining Spanish-controlled territory on the American continent.

    17. Item 16 led to the Mexican government trying to populate its territories - so it invited settlers in. These included Stephen Austin in 1822 with his buddies to settle in Texas. The Tejano settlers were supposed to be loyal to the Mexican government and comply with their rules, but they did not...

    18. Item 17 led to the Texans seeking independence from Mexico, which led to Mexico sending in troops, which eventually led to the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, where the Texan garrison was basically wiped out.

    19. Continuing on this theme, later in 1836, at the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston and his outnumbered Texans defeated Mexican general Santa Anna, and Texas wound up gaining its independence.

    20. 1811 - the New Orleans, the first Mississippi steamboat, was launched. Steamboat traffic flourished on the Mississippi in the next decades....

    Can't think of anything else right now.....

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  • tuffy
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    8 years ago

    Monroe Doctrine

    Building of Canals

    Building of Railroads

    Missouri Compromise

    Spain cedes Florida to U.S.

    McCulloch vs Maryland

    Dartmouth College vs Woodward

    The Gibbons vs Ogden

    Indian Removal Act

    Whig Party founded

    Trail of Tears

    Congress refuses to annex Texas

    Liberty Party formed

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  • 8 years ago

    Slavery was definitely a big issue around that time. Also important to note is the reliance on industry rather than agriculture and regionalism- the loyalty on Norh vs. South.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I like your list a lot, though I might have to modify a few....... "In Rock (1970)" by Deep Purple "Black Sabbath (1970)" by Black Sabbath "Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976)" by Judas Priest "Motorhead (1977)" by Motorhead "Iron Maiden (1980)" by Iron Maiden "Kill Em All (1983)" by Metallica "Black Metal (1982)" Venom "Master Of Puppets (1986)" by Metallica "Show No Mercy (1983)" by Slayer "Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? (1986)" by Megadeth those ae the ones I think had the most impact in forming Metal into what it is today, even if some of hem I don't personally care for ( like Venom) Also... Death was a runner up with "Scream Bloody Gore", but couldn't decide who to replace them, if anyone.

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  • 8 years ago

    Steam trains western expansion cali gold rush amer mex war states where geting names lousiana pirches. haha what didnt happen

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