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is there a place I can customize fragrance into a perfume, or bath and body product?

I really want to make my own fragranced perfume that is more me. I saw a bride make one on TV and wanted to make my own perfume or fragrance bath and body product like a lotion or something.

Is there anywhere I can do this?

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    Yes, there is! There is a place in Cherry Creek North in Denver, CO called Scented Studio where you can do all the above! They have an oil table where you can create a body lotion, body butter, body spray, room diffuser, roll-on oil, dry oil spray, massage oil, candle, or bath salt ect. with your own custom fragrance! They have over 350 fragrance oils to choose from off the oil table, and you can mix and blend into your own creation of fragrance that you love!

    You can also make your own signature perfume by going through the Scented Journey, a 90 minute session where you learn more about perfume and go through 23 different fragrances that are in every perfume and mix and blend them to create the perfect perfume or cologne!

    Their info is below:


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