Jeff the Killer Story?

Can anyone tell me about this story of Jeff the Killer. My friend told me about this story and I found it to be interesting. But then I looked at this picture of this man who has white skin creepy smile and weird eyes. How old is by the way? Also I want a short summary about him and I won't take any links, I'm too afraid to look him up.


I'm talking about Jeff The Killer Creepypasta story, Not the other guy, Find the picture and you'll know who i'm talking about

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    .Jeff The Killer was a guy who went crazy after getting burned in a fire caused by bullies..His face was totally messed up from the fire but later at night he fixed the problem by cutting a joker like smile into his face so he could smile forever,and he burnt off

    his eyelids so he could permenently stay awake..He killed his family because something inside him snapped and made him crazy than he ran away..Legend has it, Jeff is out there.The last thing a person hears before he kills them is..GO TO SLEEP

    Hoped this helped(:

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    Jeff the Killer Story?

    Can anyone tell me about this story of Jeff the Killer. My friend told me about this story and I found it to be interesting. But then I looked at this picture of this man who has white skin creepy smile and weird eyes. How old is by the way? Also I want a short summary about him and I won't...

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    I just read the pasta (I love those stories!)

    That picture is so freaking creepy. Ehh

    So there's this video on YouTube with this name not in English Letters but the shapes look like they are trying to spell something. So for the first part its just an insane asylum. Not even moving into the picture- just the picture. Then it snaps into the corridor where at the end you can see this shape moving and it's going really slow then it looks at you. And slowly it moves toward the camera. After a few it runs full on and smacks into the camera and knocks it down. That's all of the video. Then when that happens something bangs into your door. Then something comes on the your screen saying GO TO SLEEP with the picture of the creep guy. That guy is Jeff. He killed his family. And he's going to supposedly kill whoever watched the video.

    Truly an amazing pasta.

    I'm posting a link on a SAFE site where if you want to read the whole thing, you can. You don't have to if you don't want to. The pasta is called Jeff Is Back

  • I searched this in google and and it said that Jeff had a brother and his brother was a really nice guy once u have a beer with him. So when Jeff was a Teen his brother used to make fun of him for wearing glasses (I think). So when Jeff was cleaning the bathroom he had something full of acid and he slipped on a soap that was on the floor and his face got in the acid. Then he got a knife, carved a joker-like smile and burned his eyelids. He killed his family and now he be hiding in people and kids closets and says GO TO SLEEP. That is what I read in google I dunno if it is true

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  • 4 years ago

    Ok. this is a MYTH! One day Jeff's family moved to a neiborhood and here was a birthday party. there were 3 bullies at the party. the bullies fought him. one bully poured bleach on him. then another bully had a lighter and set Jeff on fire. after the hostpital, Jeff carved a smile and burned off his eyelids, he killed his family. now as a myth, he hids in a closet and says 3 words GO. TO. SLEEP!

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    Jeff the killer Is a murder and is a part of Creepeasta. He got burnt by bullies,then he cut out a smile on his face,and then he burnt his eyelids. He also murdered his family. Before he kills someone he says "GO TO SLEEP".

  • 4 years ago

    Is it weird that if I ever met Jeff the killer I'd scream in horror then hug him tight and kiss him once then willingly let him kill me.

    I love you Jeff and Jason! xC

  • 6 years ago

    No, Jeff the killer isn't real and is just a creepypasta, an internet myth. It's a face of a fat girl who commited suicide over 4chan, the jaw of a canine, and some photoshopping by creepypasta. Many stories are behind it, but the most popular one is he scares you for the sake of laughing by appearing at your Window at night, talking to you in your sleep and usually saying "go to sleep", and sometimes even killing his victims.

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      If anyone wants to knw more about jeff the killer heres my email i have all u need to knw about him

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    It's fake, a myth... it isnt real just throwing that out there same with Slender man.

    But a Nice story to tell at night in front of a Bonfire.

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      Homicidal Liu, Jeff The Killer, Slenderman, Masky and Hoodie (Proxies), Sally, Slenderman, Smile Dog, Girn Cat, Jane The Killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Clockwork, BEN Drowned

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    Jeff the killer is about a killer that murders people at night and says GO TO SLEEP.The story begins here.Jeff and his family were moving because their father got a promotion at work.When they got there they met their neighbors and said that they were celebrating their 2 twins birthday.The next day Jeff and his brother Lou were waiting for a boss to stop by but suddenly,someone jumped over Jeff on a skateboard and it appear to be 3 bullies.A small one,a medium one and a large one.One of the bullies took Lou's wallet but Jeff grabbed the wallet back to his brother and the bully got angry he took out a knife.Jeff was fighting with the bullies he kicked and punched and suddenly he grabbed the knife and stabbed 2 bullies and he left one with a bruise.The next day the police were knocking on a door and when they opened it they told Jeff's mom about 3 teenagers injured.They were gonna handcuff Jeff but then Lou came downstairs with a knife and told the cops that he is the one who injured those teenagers so, they handcuffed Lou and he went to Juvie.Couple of hours later Jeff was going to the 2 twins birthday party and when he got there the 3 bullies returned and came to fight Jeff.One of the bullies were hurting Jeff then they ended up in the bathroom and one bully laughed because Jeff was covered in bleach then the bully had a lighter and burned Jeff.Jeff ended up in a hospital his mother and father were there also Lou because he got released.Jeff's face was covered with bandages and his doctor said he can take the bandages off.When Jeff took the bandages off his family had horror on their eyes,Jeff went to a mirror and saw his brown hair that changed to black and his skin turned gray Lou said that his face doesn't look bad but Jeff told him Bad?It looks AWESOME!Later at night Jeff's mother woke up at her bed and heard noises in the bathroom.When she went to the bathroom she was terrified because Jeff was cutting his mouth and burnt his eyelids he told his mother he doesn't have to sleep and smile forever.He told her a question,he said am I beautiful?She said yes nervously and Jeff told her to tell his father about his face,she was running as quickly as she can and told her husband to get a shotgun but that moment Jeff was in their parents room and said Mommy,you LIED!!Jeff was murdering his parents with a knife and meanwhile Lou woke up and felt like he was being watched and that moment he almost jumped in his bed because he saw Jeff staring at him and he put his hand in Lou's mouth and said Shhhh...GO TO SLEEP.

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