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what were the three goals of the tennessee valley authority?

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    TVA was established by Congress in 1933 to address a wide range of environmental, economic, and technological issues, including the delivery of low-cost electricity and the management of natural resources. TVA’s power service territory includes most of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia, covering 80,000 square miles and serving more than 9 million people. TVA sells electricity to 155 power distributor customers and 57 directly served industries and federal facilities.

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    Actually, low-cost electric power was not part of the original charter for the Tennessee Valley Authority. When created in 1933, in the fits of the Great Depression, the goals for the TVA were more basic that electric power: Flood Control; Economic Development; and "provide for the national defense." ... I work for TVA -- thanks for your question!

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