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Ben asked in Science & MathematicsEngineering · 8 years ago

Should I study "Mechanical and Low Carbon Transport"? UK?

I currently have done:

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, this was a 2 year course which I spent most of my time on physically working on vehicles.

Mechatronics Engineering, this is a 2 year course which I am about to finish soon.

A university near me offers a 4 year course in Mechanical and Low Carbon Transport, this course seems to be the most appropriate field of engineering for me since I have had 2 years experience with qualifications and enjoy working on cars, also I have heard in the UK renewable energy is going to be a big thing meaning low carbon transport (trains/automotive's) is probably also going to get better.

My question is, is this the correct path for me to take? Is low carbon transport going to get better in the UK because of all the renewable stuff going on? Will engineers in this field be in demand?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Mechanical and electric transport should be good long term, but I expect interest in low carbon will fade, before you are ready to retire. Low carbon likely has a few more good years, as the climatologists are working hard to sustain the momentum. My guess is less future than 8 track tape players long term. Neil

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