POLL: Which class should I take? Chinese Media or Chinese International Relations? Please help me, thanks!?

Hello, hellooooo. I am trying to make this boring question as fun as possible, so I can get more answerers, who will help me make this important decision! Hooray!

Background info: I'm a college freshman. Bilingual in English and Mandarin. Political Science major. Econ/Chinese double minor. Planning to go to grad school for International Relations. Aspiring foreign correspondent journalist, dreaming to work in China.

I'm doing a summer program at Fudan University in Shanghai. I have two options.

1) Chinese Media and Politics in the Context of Globalization. It covers media! Media reforms! Media industry! Media and International Relations! Don't forget about media censorship! And the relation of media and politics! Aaaaand it includes a field trip! As well as a project:a plan for how to research a topic I'm interested in. Everything media! Everything political!

2) History of Diplomacy in Modern China: Don't be discouraged by this boring title! It is GREAT for an international relations nerd like me because it covers China's relations with Africa! The European Union! The United States! Russia! Latin America! Plus we watch a DOCUMENTARY and do a lot of readings on China's foreign policy. It's not just history, it's current affairs, too! And a lot of these readings are from NEWS sources, like Beijing Daily! The China Daily! No projects here, BUT there is a written exam.

In all seriousness, please help me decide this decision is KILLING me and I can only choose one. I'm very interested in both. I am taking two other classes at Fudan - one is a Chinese language course, the other is an economics one (Reform and Development of Foreign Trade -- ohhh yeah!). It's important to know which politics class will fit well with the other.

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