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T J asked in SportsCricket · 9 years ago

Are u in favor of a Test Championship or Tier based Tests/ODI's format,where last team gets relegated,pl read?

Like Football leagues all over the world, there is an official end of season.

Cricket could also adopt a seasonal ending of its calender.

Tier based format would allow the worst team, team which finishes last, to be relegated to The Associates, for year and a top Associate Team gets promoted into the Elite League of Test playing nations.

As we have seen in football, teams fight till the end & relegated team suffers actual financial losses, which isn't the case with Cricket teams.

They play bilateral series, even the worst performing team has no fear. Tier system would instill fear factor & an actual happening, where the worst team is thrown out of the Elite League.

This in turn would give an Associate team full chance to play with Test teams & showcase their talent. If they are good enough, they would survive or get relegated back to Associates.

Earlier relegated Test team would want to make a comeback to the Elite League

Its a win-win situation. Tests & ODI's would have credibility attached, else same old boring story.

Pl share your thoughts & which format would you like to see teams playing with..

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    I support Tier Based Tests/ODI format. Especially for Tests. Currently only full members are having test playing status. Associate & affiliate members don't have a chance to play against big teams.

    A tier based ranking & tier based matches will encourage them to play better. The current rankings & points will surely disappoint low ranked teams. Tier based rankings will say that, they are better than some other teams.

    "10th rank among 10 people feels bad, while 10th rank among 100 people feels good".

    Elite League:


    ♦ England

    ♦ South Africa

    ♦ Australia

    ♦ India

    ♦ Pakistan

    ♦ Sri Lanka

    ♦ West Indies

    ♦ New Zealand

    ♦ Bangladesh

    ♦ Zimbabwe

    Plate league:


    ♦ Kenya

    ♦ Netherlands

    ♦ Ireland

    ♦ Scotland

    ♦ Afghanistan

    ♦ Canada

  • 9 years ago

    when only 9-10 country has actual test structures .So it will not be easy just to grab one associate & give him test status for a year without their any domestic structure & without good amount of players .Unlike football cricket teams need experience to do well ,& that relegate factor will come forward then its more likely that low rank team will always go up & down even more than before if that method is actually followed .When most of the present established teams have almost 100 years of experience & have built(on these time) a good stable platform for young cricketers to grow as great players in that sense it would be injustice to the young teams hope to show performance with magic wand & change their performance over night .

    In football you can give good defense with 7 players & don't have to consume any goal (if you have no good striker) .So they still can perform well with good teams if they apply good strategy but in cricket there is no shortcut .they have to do well both with bat & ball

    maybe instead of relegating the last one they could divide the whole test teams in two category .first 3 & last 6. .every year one team from last six can have a chance to join champions league

    In these worst period of time for test cricket when most of the new team will see T20 as main earning events in these time giving less chance to a test playing nation will not help test cricket at all

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's an idea for the future. To make it work I think that you would have to have have two divisions of six with maybe just the one team being promoted and relegated each cycle. The trouble with expanding though is that you would need to give new teams to adjust to the quality of cricket and to make sure that the infra structure keeps improving.

    Again with regards to promotion and relegation, I would think that every two or three years might be the way to go, with a revised, new international calendar, maybe with two divisions of six teams.

  • 9 years ago

    Do you want to see India to get kicked out of the test playing nations?thee way they have been performing in the last few months in tests is terrible yaar.India will then play the associates.....LOL

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  • 9 years ago

    sounds like a good idea

  • Daniel
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    9 years ago

    No I don't Agree

  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    yes i agree on it

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