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martial arts (stamina,balance,reflex,strength and flexibility)?

so i want to know how to improve my stamina and balance because i really want to spar for 5 min and 5 rounds (without kicks and knees) but so far i can only do 2 min and 1-2 rounds. i have really bad stamina. the only reason i want more balance is because when i kick (especially sidekicks) i lose my balance and end up staggering and in my karate class we have full body contact and kicks is really useful to get a hit. i want my flexibility to be better so my kicks can be stronger and finally the reason i want better reflex is so i dont get hit. even tho i got speed it wont matter if i get hit before hitting them and also i need to have a decent strength to hurt them after punching them 3-5 times and i dont want big muscles cos this slows people down and thats the reason some blue belts cant beat me (green belt). so what can i do to have better stamina, balance, reflex,strength and flexibility.

oh and im only 15 yearsold. my parents want me to go to a university so i study a lot and if im not studying im martial arts training (1:15 mins every tues wed) also i dont have much time to go out since i have to take care of siblings. so i can onl do things a home. we have weights here but i dont like them. also i like training that improves leg strength not arm.

thanks guys!

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  • Leo L
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    8 years ago
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    Stamina comes from cardio. Run distance. Distance done slowly is better than faster, shorter runs. I like seven miles, three times a week, at eight minutes per mile. That takes just under an hour and keeps you in shape. Familiarity with the ring will also make it less stressful and lower your heart rate. Spar several times a week.

    A good balance drill for kicks is to do them by the numbers. Break each kick into steps. Hold at each step for at least 5 seconds. This will also allow you to focus on technique and correct any flaws in your kicks. By doing them very slowly and precisely, you train yourself to kick that way at speed.

    Stretching is an issue for us all. Listen to your body and work to your limits. I learned the hard way, by tearing a hamstring on an aerial.

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  • Bon
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    8 years ago

    You are misunderstanding many things.

    A round in boxing and other sports last 3 minutes. In real life, a violent encounter lasts about 7 seconds. If you are out of breath, it is because you were wasting your energy in unnecessary motions and you were not breathing properly in addition to being out of shape. The first two you have to workout yourself. As for getting in shape - jump rope. Shoot for being able to do it for 3 full minutes.

    Balance: while leg strength helps, most people who are off balance are that way because of improper stance. You need to practice your forms with an eye towards doing the stance properly. You also need to focus on the transition from one stance to another while staying in balance - this is call "dynamic balance". You should practice your techniques as slow as possible and see that at very point of your moves, you remain in balance. I suspect you have been doing it wrong for a long while and just never noticed it because you were doing it fast.

    Flexibility: stretch. Do it regularly AND properly.

    Reflex: reflex is not going to come easy. It is a combination of mind and body working in unison. The mind has to be clear and uncluttered while the body has to be tension free. You also need many hours and countless days of practicing a motion over and over to develop reflex. And those motions have better be right because if you do them wrong, you will be doing it wrong as a reflex. This is not something anyone is going to be able to help you with on the Internet. It takes both dedication AND guidance from a good teacher.

    You sound like a very responsible young man, so here is the one rule that you should following in your desire to improve. ALWAYS do things right. Doing something correct and right is more important than doing them many times or many time fast. Someone who practice 2.5 hours a week, but does everything as near to perfection as he can will progress faster than someone who practice 10 hours a week but with no focus on correctness. Go for quality of training and not just quantity.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yoga is the best for flexabitity you can learn in a class from the computer or ondemand.you need cardio run or get on a bike get the bas rutten o2 trainer heavy bag can help with cardio balace and form pick up some kettlebells for sreghtening legs core and arms. college is a big waste of money and time plus the econimy is crashing so ure usless peace of paper isnt going to mean anything wich is how it should be .take up jiu jitsu yoga and study books on martial arts and philosify.if you really like fighting join your wrestling team aswell.mabey you can be a great mma fighter one day bouncers in vegas make up to 8000 a night and most of them never went to college you should do watever is your dream but college just seems like a bad idea to me but if i could go back id quit high school to because it was a waiste of time and they tell you blatent lies

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  • Faith
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    4 years ago

    I train front splits and side splits and I have seen drastic improvement in my kicking in the past three months (before that I did other stretches, but didn't train front and side splits). Just do a quick warm up like jumping jacks, light kicking, jogging, etc. to get your blood flowing, a hot bath works too. Then get to stretching. I do 3 sets of 1 minute for each stretch. As the sets go on you'll feel yourself loosen up a bit so you can stretch slightly farther. Stretch as often as you can unless you feel super tight and need rest. I stretch between 5-7 days a week resting when I feel I need it.

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