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Passive Voice

我想問以下句子是否Passive voice

1.The drama club members were excited about the performance.

2.I was disappointed by the movie.

3.I was so shocked by the news.

4.She was interested in English.


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如果第3題轉為I was so excited by the news.

那仍是Passive voice嗎?

因為你提及過excited是adj所以第1題就不是一passive voice.

但第3題裡若以active voice角度看會變成The news excited me.

即excited是一個verb,所以此句會是passive voice?

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    您好!我是 lop,高興能解答您的問題。

    (1) No because 'excited' is an adjective but not a verb with 'were', and there are no 'by'.

    (2) Yes because 'disappointed' means '使失望' with 'disappointed' is a verb and the whole sentence means 'The movie disappointed me.'

    (3) Yes because 'shocked' means '使震驚' and 'shocked' is a verb. The whole sentence means 'The news shocked me.'

    (4) No because 'interested in' is an adjective phrase but not a verb.

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    is + verb 係被動式


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