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外國也有 「梅雨季」 嗎?

請問 「梅雨季」 英文怎麼說?

外國也有 「梅雨季」 嗎? 還是他們的 「梅雨季」 是叫別的名稱? 「桃雨季」?

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    "梅雨季" is the name of the raining season for Taiwan and Southeast China. It happens when the plum is ripe, so it is called "梅雨季". In US, it is simply called "雨季", its English name is "monsoon". I saw some programs about "雨季", and it uses "monsoon", this program was about monsoon in Amazon and India.

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    sometimes, people will use "monsoon season", or simply "monsoon".

    By the way, the south west area of US (New Mexico, Arizona), the monsoon season is around June, July and August.

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    By the way, to this area, monsoon season is not like in Taiwan. I means it doesn't rain as often. It just relatively rains more than other months. As you might know, this two states are in a dessert area, so you can imagine, how much rain they get.

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    I didn't know your jailhouse in AZ. Otherwise, I would NOT mention AZ, but west TX. Yes, the monsoon in AZ is bad, especially around August in Phoenix and Tucson.

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    After living in US for N years, I can tell you, "monsoon" is what people use in US for "雨季", especially in SouthWest area. After all, I heard this term quite often during this raining season.

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    The air is humid and hot (over 100F= 37.7C). Last time, I went to PHX in August, it was 105F (40.5C). Master 26535! I certainly can understand why another A/C is needed. By the way, as I was told, it was NOT just one day, but 2 months or more.

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    I like NM very well, due to its weather, we can have 105F or higher during the summer (just occasionally, not for two months), but at night it will drop down around 70F (very pleasant). By the way, where I am is about 5000 feet above sea level.

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    That is why after sun saying good bye to us, the temperature takes a nose dive.

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    Oh!, by the way, the monsoon season helps a lot in cooling the daytime temperature. When it rains in the afternoon, the temperature can drop 20F or more within one hour. This is why on TV, the weather man likes to talk about summer monsoon season.

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    Here in New England, we've got

    April Shower

    May Flower, and

    Brides of June or June Brides

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    Tell me about it - the Monsoon season in AZ is terrible. I need to call my security guard to add another air conditioner in my cell. Of course, add a wet bar if they have extra budget.

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    They moved me around the country - sometimes even to Guantanamo when they want to beat me up without the presence of my lawyers. I spent most of my time at Sing Sing, and Buckeye.

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    2 months? You must be kidding me. It is between Labor day and Memo Day.

    3.5 months dude! But it is so nice to swim after sun set. How is your NM treating you?

    2012-05-18 19:33:47 補充:

    And where are the grooms? I see so many of them in Vegas in June; they must be running away from MA.

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    rainy season 或wet season

    monsoon的重點在季風而不再降雨, 只是季風常帶水氣, 較易降雨罷了.

    乾燥地區的monsoon與熱帶地區的rainy season是有差別的, 後者的雨季動輒長達半年(4-10月), 而monsoon要短得多.

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    raining season

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