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Books like the movie Dark Shadows?

Okay, I know Dark Shadows is also a series of books but I don't really want to read them..

I just want to read something similar to the movie.

Like creepy, castles, witches, magic, scary.. kind of like the Addams Family? haha

So, are there any books like this?

I know this is a stupid question but I just wanted to know!

(and I don't want any children's books or anything.. like teen/young adult to adult please!)

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    We have always lived in the castle - Shirley Jackson

    The Haunting - (same author)

    The haunting of Hill House - (same)

    The Scarletti curse - Christine Feehan

    The woman in white - Wilkie Collins

    Too wicked to kiss - Erica Ridley

    Season of the witch - Natasha Mostert

    Fire & Ice - Anne Avery

    Rivergate House - Elissa Grandower

    Mask of the night - Mary Ryan

    First love - Joyce Carol Oates

    Evil of Dark Harbor - Clarissa Ross

    Terror at Dark Harbor - (same)

    A hearse for Dark Harbor - (same)

    Out of the fog - (same)

    The castle in Transylvania - Jules Verne

    The midnight guardian - Sarah Jane Stratford

    The house at Sandalwood - Virginia Coffman

    Barringer House - Barbara Riefe

    A hint of witchcraft - Anna Gilbert

    Wings of the morning - David Beaty

    Bleak November - Rohan O' 'Grady

    The curse of the Montrolfes - (same author)

    Cameron Castle - Marilyn Ross

    Cauldron of evil - (same)

    Cellars of the dead - (same)

    Death's dark music

    Message from a ghost

    Waiting in the shadows

    The Castle of Otranto - Horace Walpole

    Moment of truth - Laura Conway

    Demonsouled - Jonathan Moeller

    Descent into dust - Jacqueline Lepore

    Don't close your eyes - Robert Ross

    Where darkness lives - (same)

    The house of Cheyne Walk - Perry Organ

    The knight's redemption - Joanne Rock

    Trenhawk - Mary Williams

    The man from Falcon Ridge - Rita B. Herron

    Menfreya in the morning - Victoria Holt

    The time of the Hunter's Moon - (same)

    Pact of the fathers - Ramsey Campbell

    Waiting for Gertrude - Bill Richardson

    The Ravencliff bride - Dawn Thompson

    Realm of shadows - Shannon Drake

    The tale of Halcyon Crane - Wendy Webb

    The third spectre - Dan Ross

    The witch of Ravensworth - George Brewer

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