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Why do people have such a hard time quitting smoking?

I've recently just quit smoking cigarettes(Going on 18) days now and i feel fine! I breathe better at night, Food tastes so much better, my clothes, car and hands don't stink anymore. my breath doesnt smell like an ashtray. it feels great! I truly don't understand why people spend all this money on nicotine gum,patches, electronic cigarettes, etc. Now there's apparently some magic pill called Chantix that helps you quit. I read up on this new drug, and know people who've tried it, and they said it makes them super sick! and the side effects are terrible! Just taking this little pill will eff you up more than if you continued smoking! all it takes to quit is sheer willpower, concentration and a strong mind! the first 3 days were the hardest for me. of course i still have cravings. But its just a stupid little piece of paper with some dried up leaves inside it that you inhale into your lungs. I don't get how people let an inanimate object control them? People who say that they "can't quit" or have "tried and failed", or believe that they need to spend money for the help of some nicotine aid are honestly in my opinion just weak minded cowards. Everyone who wants to quit just needs to stop crying like a little b**ch, nut up, and put mind over matter! it's really not that difficult. If you can allow a dried up leaf to dictate your life and eventually end it. then you don't deserve to be allowed to contribute to the human gene pool. We have enough weakling cowards in our species already, we don't need any more. GROW A PAIR AND QUIT NOW!


P.S- I'm 23 years old and i've smoked for 5 years. A pack would last me about one and half days...

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    You have the right attitude to quit. You actually want to quit. I've never tried quitting, but I can tell you that going on a 3-hour plane ride without a cigarette was really difficult. It ended up being a little over 4 hours without a smoke and I wanted a cigarette so bad the whole time. What I felt wasn't just in my head, I needed a cigarette. But I love them and only if I no longer loved cigarettes could I give them up. Those quit aids are for people who need to quit because they want to stay alive longer, but still love to smoke. Or they want to quit to make someone else happy and they need those things to actually do it, until they relapse a few weeks or months later. I wish I wasn't a smoker and I wish I didn't love cigarettes so much so I would want to quit because I know how much each cigarette and hookah puff harms me. But I love to smoke so I'm not going to stop anytime soon.

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    Natural Quit Smoking Magic

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    its all because they have weak minds and believe the lies about quitting. The quit industry is huge money, preying on gullible and weak minded smokers, making them think they cant do it alone and that they need something to help them do it. Its all about profit. The same companies that manufacture cigarettes are the same companies that manufacture the nicotine that goes in all 'quit products' so of course they will brainwash ppl into thinking they cant quit cold turkey, they want their money either way. And now with the happy pills? Well big pharma has jumped on the profit bandwagon, selling antidepressants repackaged as qut smoking drugs, helping to create more zombies out there who cant think for themselves.

    I quit a 21 year habit cold turkey and it was easy because i have a strong mind, and because i cut thru all the disinfo. And i have no cravings, and no desire to ever smoke again.

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    I smoked for 4 years, smoking almost 2 packs a day.

    Then one day I just flat out quit.

    Its all in your mind,

    Think less of those ciggarettes.

    Think of them as nasty,

    Its really easy to quit,

    Good job if you did, there no good,

    After 2 months you will just about have your normal lungs back.

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    I was never a drinker so I say smoking I only quit after I had larynx cancer and lost my voice and breath through a hole in my neck makes smoking kinda hard to inhale ha ha Just Quit both. Both will kill you sooner or later so make it later by quiting

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    1. How old are you?

    2. How long did you smoke for?

    3. How many packs did you some a day?

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    It is an indisputable fact that nicotine is the most addictive substance in the world that is known to man.

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    Because They get Addicted to the Chemicals They're inhaling. And They don't have the Willpower- to STOP inhaling Them... :(

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    Depends on how much you smoke a day.

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