Top ten reasons why jesus (pbuh) is not god given below,could any christian explain?

Reason #10 - God Can not be Born! (he is uncreated and he could not create another uncreated)

Reason #09 - There is unequivocal textual evidence

Reason #08 - No one has seen God!

Reason #07 - This was the not belief of early Christians

Reason #06 - Jesus Ate, Slept, and Prayed

Reason #05 - Jesus claimed that God's Knowledge is greater than his

Reason #04 - Jesus Explicitly states that he is not God

Reason #03 - Son of God?

Reason #02 - God does not change

Reason #01 - God is the object of Worship

If God died for 3 days then who was controlling universe for 3 days?

If you say part of Trinity died that means Jesus(pbuh) wasn't complete God and God cannot be incomplete.

Why God needs sacrifice?Can't he just forgive our sins?

Is there a greater authority than God whom he has to answer?

If you say it is for the justice then what sort of justice is this that you kill someone for someone else fault.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jesus is not God. God had no need to be born of a virgin to come to Earth.

    There is no mention of Jesus in the Old Testament, nor did Jesus fulfill any Old Testament Prophecies.

    In the Old Testament God is very clear no man can die for another person's sin.

    God has no need for a human sacrifice as He said only He can forgive sin. You must ask God for forgiveness.

    We are to worship God the father, not Jesus a son.

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  • 8 years ago

    10. God needed to come to this world, he could have lowered himself from the sky, but he chose to show that he is humble, by coming in the form of a baby. God himself was not born, he put part of himself in human form, and that part was seen being born as a baby.

    9. There is unequivocal textual evidence? I don't understand how that is an argument against Jesus being God.

    8. No one has seen an atom either, yet people still believe that they exist.

    7. For early Christians, Jesus wasn't born yet...they had never heard of him.

    6. God as Jesus was human and God, thus, as a human, he had to eat and sleep, and as a perfect human, he prayed.

    5. I'm sorry...I don't currently remember this passage of the Bible.

    4. Where did he say he wasn't God?

    3. I believe that is to be used as a metaphor, for lack of a better word.

    2. I think that means that his nature as God does not change.

    1. I don't see what this has to do with Jesus not being God...

    Only the part of God that was manifested into human form died, God himself did not die.

    When Jesus died, only his body died, his spirit was still very much alive.

    God had to sacrifice himself because he loves everyone, and so he doesn't want us to all be eternally separated from him, but he is just, and so there must be a sacrifice for our sins, so he chose to sacrifice himself.

    No, there is no greater authority than God.

    He chose to sacrifice himself, like how someone would die to save another person's life.

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  • 8 years ago

    The God of Heaven is a Divine Trinity of God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit. As it is written in the Holy Scriptures so shall it be the Word of God. Amen

    Since you are a muslim, I can truly understand your thinking. It is very Sad and Unfortunate that you're part of an Islamic religion that is Antichrist and introduced by a false prophet called Mohammad.

    Source(s): Catholic Christian
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  • 3 years ago

    reason #2 God 'does no longer' replace, God 'does' replace. reason #8 no human being has 'considered' God at any time, and lived, for human beings are once appointed to style lack of life and then The Resurrection; The Angels always see the Face of the daddy because the specific image and the likeness of The dwelling God which replaced into The Son as One With God for I always do what Pleases Him and that i decide in accordance with What I listen and the only which Comes from Above Is peculiarly and speaks of what He has considered and heard. the only which comes from below speaks as one from below. {The Son in humbled humanesque type.}

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  • 8 years ago

    Your ten reasons are very well founded. And you are in fact correct in stating that Jesus is not God, but his son. Like you say he said so him self and not only that but God identified him as his son. "After being baptized Jesus immediately came up from the water; and, look! the heavens were opened up, and he saw descending like a dove God’s spirit coming upon him. Look! Also, there was a voice from the heavens that said: 'This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.'" (Matthew 3:16,17).

    And about the Trinity. Yeah your right it makes absolutely no sense. Jesus constantly referred to God as being greater and even said there were things only his father knew. (Matthew 24:36). The Trinity is actually a false teaching that was added to Christian faith by leaders who wanted to gather more pagans to Christianity. The belief in a god of three parts has existed for many centuries in multiple religions that even existed long before Christianity began. God is a separate person from his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is God's active power. The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit in this way, for instance when it filled the Christian's of the first century and allowed them to speak in tongues and perform miracles.

    There are also many other teachings that are stated as Christian doctrine but are in fact have no Biblical bases.

    No there is not greater authority than God. He created everything (Genesis 1:1). Nothing existed before he, out of love (1 John 3:16), decided to create spiritual creatures, and then the physical world along with living things. God is love, justice, power and wisdom. Everything he does reflects those qualities, and everything he does is just even if we imperfect humans don't fully understand why.

    Now as to your question about the ransom and death of Jesus Christ. I would like to invite you to read these scriptures and reflect upon them.

    Romans 5:12, Psalms 51:5, Romans 6:23, Psalms 49:6-9

    If you don't have a Bible I invite you to get one. Jehovah's Witnesses provide Bibles and publications based on the Bible free of charge, their printing is funded by voluntary donations, and would also be glad to answer any questions you may have about the ransom and other Bible topics.

    I congratulate you on your interest in your spirituality and thirst for truth. Know that the answer to many of life's questions can be found in the Bible.

    Source(s): The Bible. Quote from Matthew is taken from the New World Translation.
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  • 8 years ago

    *Jesus never sinned and his apostles wrote about this (only god could not sin) as all human's fall short of the grace of god.

    *Theoretically speaking if God is God than he can do whatever he is god and could in turn make himself born

    *If god is god and if a creator (architect) god as in a divine and deity god exists than he could come to human's in a form that human's could relate to and understand via (jesus)

    *Jesus claimed more and more to be one with the father, Jesus's quotes and saying's often equated him to that of god.

    *The Christian belief is that Jesus is god in Human form to teach of the wonder's of god (himself) in a way and to someone we can understand he intervened and chose to bestow himself upon mankind at that time.

    * "son" of god its used loosely

    *God is the object of worship what do you mean? we do pray to god

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    god is outside of time, read this article with an open mind and i think youll like it

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  • Jesus pooped, too.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    How can Jesus be that which does not exist?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    FAIL. There is no god.

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