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Coolest book/movie?:)?

Theres this group of fighters called "the ab team" named after the a team lol. Also standing for anti-bullying

They're specialized teens who fight bullies. 

If you're being bullied you call them and they would 'investigate' your case and if it's bad theyll beat up the bully!

It's like and underground thing because it's illegal? 

And they're everywhere! Schools and streets! 

And they have training. Mma and kickboxing! 

Just imagine it would be awesome. But they don't carry weapons, they fight clean! 1 on 1! 


Ahh imagine the possibilities!:D btw I put this a while ago and no one commented..(: 

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sin City is one of the coolest movie that recently saw.

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