Is my car dependent on the sway bar?

My sway bar took a crap, it disconnected itself from the bar connected between the control arms under the front of my car, and it was wobblin around scrapping my cv joints, so my mechanic friend torched one end off of my sway bar so my vc wouldnt get damaged, he said "youll be just fine, the car doesent need the sway bar." but this morning i called a frame and suspension shops and after he told me 830 dollars to get my sway bar back in tact he said my wheels will turn outward and my car will be soon roadside and ill be paying more and that it needs the sway bar and that ill tear up my tires and allighnment... Mike my mechanic thinks he is pissing down my back because he want my 830 dollars... But this guy sounded like he knew what he was talking about on the phone so does my car neeeeed key word neeed, the sway bar???? Ill get it fixed before the snow comes but do i need to rob peter to pay paul to get this fixed asap?

1997 chevy cavalier.

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  • Kenny
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    9 years ago
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    The car can drive without sway bars. Just the handling, you will feel the car sway more on turns.

    $830 is crazy. $200 I can understand.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, I would get it fixed asap. Without the sway bar, your car is going to roll in the front badly and aggresively, especially on a turn.

    Not sure how this would cost $830, the sway bar alone can be found for around $200, and the end links for around $100, and that's aftermarket parts. I assume that your end links is what caused the problem because the end link is what actually attaches the sway bar to the suspension.

    If the only thing needing replacement was the front sway bar and front endlinks that would only cost roughly $300, installation maybe one hour at the most(Not that difficult of an install), so total $400 if one hour of labor is $100. That is my opinion.

  • Lu
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    9 years ago

    Yes you can upgrade some of the time. Another thing your not wrong for asking the question it did not used to be like that with older cars. and it would depend on where it broke. As to how much money it would cost to fix. I don't think 830 dollers is a fair price. If some of the welds came loose it would probably be more then 47 dollers. Which is what a loose sway bar putting it back into position with a cheeter bar and tighting the bolts back up or putting in new bolts. Try to get under there with a light and see if where the sway bar connects. If the welds are broke or just the clamp that holds the end on. If you can see good check the bolt holes the clamp gets fastened with and see if they are stripped. If they are and thats it you would be looking at a 140 tap and die kit. And some bigger bolts.

  • Mark F
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    9 years ago

    If the car "doesn't need the sway bar" then ask yourself "why did they put it there?" Could it be that the team of guys with automotive engineering degrees spent years and millions of dollars designing, building and testing your car know more about it than your buddy?

    The anti-sway bar has a huge impact on vehicle handling and control, particularly at high speeds. By disconnecting it you have dramatically changed the how the vehicle will behave in an emergency manuever or even just a high speed bend in the road.

    New end links depending on model cost $30-50 each and if they are not too rusty you can take the old ones off and put new ones on yourself.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can drive without it but the car will "lean over" more in corners. I would replace it.

    You can get a used one pretty cheap from a salvage from any 1996-02 Cavalier or Sunfire. Make sure you get the end links and center bushings with the clamps. Some optional packages like "Z24 Cavaliers" had different size diameter bars. Which doesn't make any real difference to you, but if you do get a different size you'll need the matching sized clamps. Yours should be "18mm" size.

    Replacement of a front sway bar mostly involves removing and replacing all of six bolts. 800 bucks sounds a bit high for a a junkyard bar and six bolts. A quick look on showed many salvage yards listing them (as "stabilizer" bars) for between $25-$50.

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