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Why is my Email address sending spam?

On my Yahoo and Gmail email accounts people have told me that my address has been sending them spam email. How can I get this to stop? Also how can be sure my email was sent because sometimes I'll put a ?, !, "", etc in my email and I think well maybe my email isn't being sent because of those symbols or a link to a site. My site is based on Blogspot so people say Blogspot is a spam site.

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    It is possible that the spammer has your passwords. That is unusual for the spammer to have passwords to two different accounts at about the same time unless you fell for phishing spam for both.

    Another possibility could be if you clicked on links within spam sent to each. Some spammers' webpages run malicious scripts that when opened from within logged in webmail can tell the account to send spam. The spammer does not have to know your password for that, because the door is already open.

    Do you know if you opened the same spam in your two different accounts? It might have been one that a spammer sent from a friend's account, as your friend's address book would have both your addresses.

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    you're not any more sending junk mail, do not difficulty. each and every so often spammers can fake particular e mail manage as to no longer be tracked down or have incoming mail. see you later as no individual has your password there is not any way so that you may be spamming human beings. The mail daemon aspect in basic terms signifies that the mail servers can no longer deliver to that e mail manage. e mail for extra rationalization or help!

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