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Boss paying half check/half cash?

I don't think my husband's boss is being completely honest. He pays him the majority of his weekly pay check with a hand written check. He claims that the taxes were taken out of the check part. Then a few days later he gives him cash and its usually MUCH less than what he really should have been paid, like 100 or more is missing out of that money. What can we do about this? Is this legal to pay this way?

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    Unless you live in a very small town where everyone knows each other, and the attorney would happen to, of course, know your husband's boss, go ahead and tell this to a tax attorney, among others. Unless there is a probability your husband's boss is a delinquent in other ways (works for mob, involved with drugs, etc.,) there might not be danger of him simply wanting to do harm to your husband (I LIVE IN MIAMI AND HAVE SEEN ALL TYPE OF MONSTROSITIES DONE!). Though cheating government out of taxes in a big way is always a sign that the business owner is already under water with mortgage and other loans, etc., and these people usually end up turning violent....There was a similar case in Miami weeks ago, except that the female boss and business owner was not the one committing the horrific crime; it was her partner/ assistant thinking that he was being left out of the company. He murdered her savagely and her other partner.

    Anyhow, it is always good to "look out for traffic when crossing", meaning that your husband and you should test the waters before going in heads on into some situation. But simply put tell your husband to ask "Will this be an ongoing situation? As you know I have a family to feed and I am receiving less of my check weekly. I can't keep going this way."

    You also have to watch out for "employment" in your area. Is it extremely hard to find work in his occupation or profession? If that is the case, it's best that your husband talks to him, while at the same time start searching through Craigslist on internet and also fill out applications just about any place he can.

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    I get the feeling you believe it is illegal to pay with a handwritten check and cash, I assure it is not, what is important is the the correct amount of taxes are being with held, it is your job to see if they are

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    Probably not. You should confront him.

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