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could someone give me a challenge or list of youtube challenges that do not contain any health risks or side?

...affects. i am looking for an easy challenge that does not harm me or give me anyside affects that i want to do to polease my subscribers.

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    Here are ten very easy yet challenging things to do on YouTube WHILE driving:

    1) Cleaning a Gun

    2) Texting

    3) Playing Video Games

    4) Drugs

    5) Sleeping

    6) Drinking

    7) Shooting a Gun

    8) Eating a Big Mac

    I can assure you that all of these challenges are extremely fun and easy and do not include any health risks. It may be difficult to film all of your activites while driving, especially while smoking pot and/or murdering people on the street, but judging from prior experience, it is not impossible. Have fun! Warning: you may possibly end up mentally impaired or dead.

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  • Gem
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    8 years ago

    Chubby bunny - only health risk is dribbling everywhere.

    Cracker challenege - try to eat 6 in a minute or so without any liquid

    120 chicken nuggets - tbh you will get a fat health risk ;) but oh well.

    accent challenge

    dont say yes or no, with friends

    dance behind random people and count how many times you dont get caught

    sour sweet challange

    tbh any kind of challenege that harms you will be the most enjoyed by your viewers, they love it.

    try the chilli sauce one? keep searching on youtube, :)

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