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Cantona vs Barton, fight?

Who wins in a fight?

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    Ohhh good question, I think Barton would be good in a scrap, but Cantona has flair and style.

    Compare the two,


    Drunkenly assaulted someone outside a McDonald's, from what I remember he beat the living crap out the guy as well, hitting him, repeatedly until he was out cold, pretty sure his brother killed someone as well, so its obviously a family thing.


    Kung-fu kicked a guy in a crowd, the fact he had to jump a good couple of feet in the air to get over and past the advertisement boards and reach the guy, and then managed to lay a couple of punches on him as he was trying to get away is impressive.

    Its a close call, Cantona would be a great opener, but if he doesn't take Barton out with the 1st attack I think Barton has the fighting stamina and rage behind him.

    I would say Cantona just because while Barton would get angry I don't think Cantona ever looked uncool and just shrugged in a stereotype French way

    "Wee, I 'av just kicked le person in le crowd, (takes drag on ciggy, shrugs) is there a problem with this? I am not thinking so..."

    Source(s): This is one of the best questions I have seen all day, congrats!
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  • 8 years ago

    I'll take Cantona's feet against Joeys mouth.

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