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White Sox attendance problems?

Do you think White Sox have a problem or is it just the product not interesting some fans?

weird how the Cubs are up

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    It's a lot of both. Here are some of the reasons the White Sox don't draw too many fans:

    1. They share the city with the Cubs. Let's face it, the Cubs are more popular around the Chicago area. Chicago is huge, but the majority like the Cubs, leaving a smaller population for the White Sox. So just being the less popular team in Chicago is a reason.

    2. I hate when people hate on the Cubs.....I'm not one of those Sox fans that constantly brings up the 100 year thing and losing all the time. That being said, the identity of the Cubs is losers. That's what people think when they think Cubs. Even though the White Sox went on an 88-year drought that most people forget about, people still always think the White Sox are not losers.....losing isn't part of the Sox identity. Because losing is a part of the Cubs identity, people still go to Cubs games when the team sucks. However, when the Sox suck, people don't go because that's not the identity.

    3. Building off the last point, the Sox really aren't that good. In the past eleven years, they have made the playoffs twice. While they did get a World Series out of it, GM Kenny Williams has pretty much ruined all competitive chance for this team with his dumb drafting and trading. In 2006, they got a bunch of people to come because they won, but all teams go through that if they win.....look at Philly and Texas now. After 2007 though, the product really hasn't been good, so that's not gonna inspire the casual fan to come out to the ballpark. But since the identity of the Cubs is losing, people still come to those games.

    4. The stadium really isn't that good. It's not a bad stadium, but there is nothing special about it. Look at PNC Park......people would see a game there just because it's a ******* awesome stadium. And Wrigley has the history behind it. The Cell was one of those ballparks created just before the retro ballpark phase. No tourist who goes to Chicago is gonna see a White Sox game, but they would see a Cubs game because the ballpark is special. The Cell is just so average.

    5. The surrounding area of The Cell isn't fun. It's not in a terrible area, but a few blocks down is pretty ghetto. But there is NOTHING to do around the's not a fun neighborhood. Wrigleyville is like a town, there's stuff to do and party and stuff like that. Plus, there are many cool places a few "L" stops down on the north side. The Cell is just so isolated......people go just for a game, not to have fun in the neighborhood after.

    6. The ticket prices are so high. I don't care what the article says about half-price Monday. One day a week isn't gonna draw people, but if ticket prices were lower, more people would go. Look at the suburban Kane County Cougars.....they are a super successful minor league team way out West that draws fans only because of low ticket prices. At The Cell, it's about $40 for an outfield seat, nearly $30 for an upper deck seat behind home plate, and nearly $20 for the worst seat in the stadium. Just to have access to the lower deck, a fan needs to pay nearly $40 for the worst lower deck seat. That's terrible for the little amount of success this team has had. I know tickets for the Cubs aren't cheap either, but for a team that can fill up the stadium, there's a reason for that. But for a team having attendance issues, that's unacceptable. Ticket prices continue to move up despite the bad product on the field.

    Those are the reasons why the Sox don't really have as many people go to games. I really am not trying to bash the Cubs or anything by saying they have a losing identity, but it's true. They are known as losers and the Sox aren't. Their losing identity draws people to games.

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    The Sox ballpark is on the South Side of the city, an area that's not as "nice" as the area around Wrigley Field. The Cubs also draw fans from the affluent northwest suburbs, who have made baseball at Wrigley more about the total experience than the game, and the Cubs also play far more day games than the Sox, enhancing the experience.

    The Sox are just a baseball team playing in a baseball stadium that doesn't have the history or charm of Wrigley Field.

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    White Sox would get outdrawn by the Cubs even if the Sox were on pace to win 110 games and Cubs were on pace to win 60.

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    The Cubs are up because they are a much better team then anyone expected them to be, this despite them being in last place. The White Sox have always had attendance issues, and they just get worse if the team is not very good.

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    The Cubs will always draw good attendance.

    The White Sox don't have anybody worth watching other than maybe Jake Peavy who got lit up yesterday. Guys like Viciadeo, De Aza, Morel, Beckham, Fukudome, Ramirez, & AJ. Lol.

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