Desktop computer best capable to run...?

I'm after a desktop PC which I will primarily use for photoshopping, but will often have multiple power-demanding programs running simultaneously.

I'm after a PC because after having 2 Macs (2006 Macbook, 2011 iMac) BOTH of which have had numerous problems, I'm absolutely sick. The wifi is tempermental on my current iMac after having it nearly a year, it needs restarting EVERY time I fire it up because it always fires up in safe mode (ever since upgrading to OSX Lion). Along with various other minor f*ckups it seems to experience regularly. The Macbook lost its ability to connect to any bluetooth devices one day and had the same wifi problem, it also eats the battery like it's a starved African child with a bowl of cornflakes.

A friend has had a £1000 PC he bought 4 years ago which has had the odd clean every so often and still runs just as fast as my year old iMac.

My budget is anything up to £1000 or thereabouts.

Main needs are power, speed & graphics. I'd like something I could possibly output to a 50" TV to use that as a monitor.


Just found a Dell PC with 16GB DDR3 RAM, i7 processor, 256GB SSD + 2TB SATA hard drive...

Any thoughts?

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  • 9 years ago
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    preassembled computers are pretty expensive in the UK. i've compared 2 computers in the £900 - 1000 range and think you could get something better.

    PC1: i5-3570K, 8GB, GTX 560 Ti, 500GB, no SSD, Windows 7 HP 64-bit (£922 inc. VAT)

    PC2: i5-2500K, 8GB, GTX 560 Ti, 500GB, 64GB SSD, no OS (£900 inc. VAT)

    parts list for a build, all parts from (in order to select the article, enter the number in parentheses (productId) in the field "LiveSearch")

    motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M (49573)

    cpu: Intel i5-3570K (49755)

    cpu cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (47248)

    ram: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile Blue 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 (45510)

    gpu: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 2048MB GDDR5 (49169)

    SSD: Crucial m4 128GB 2.5" SATA-III (49951)

    hdd: 2TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 3.5" SATA III (48301)

    odd: Sony 24x AD-7280S-0B Internal DVD-RAM+/- Writer SATA (48288)

    psu: 650W Cooler Master GX 80PLUS Bronze (47892)

    case: Fractal Design Arc Black Midi Tower (49982)

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit SP1 (38274)

    total £1001 inc. VAT

    building it yourself brings more for your money

    edit (thoughts to the Dell XPS 8500)


    - better cpu

    - larger SSD, nice to have but not necessarily

    - 16GB ram


    - much weaker graphics card

    - only Windows 7 Home Premium

    - expensive (my build with i7-3770K, HD 7770, 16GB ram, 256GB SSD and W7 HP would be still £1000)

    - it's a Dell. i dislike Dell, especially their desktop computers

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    I have a gaming pc that cost me about $800 dollars (USA) to build. Gaming pcs have the most power so for 1000 pounds you should be able to get a very good one. Any quad core processor( 3.0GB or more) with 4 to 8GB of ram will work for you. Most of them however come with a video card that needs to be better to keep the price down so beware of that. Most good video cards start at 150 dollars to 250 dollars. I wouldn't go over 250 because in 3 years they will be faster and cheaper. I bought one a year and a half ago that is still good but I paid 200 for it and now it is 140 dollars. has very good video card charts. Use for price comparisons then convert to pounds. Pricewatch.UK is the only British site I know about. I don't care much for Macs either as I never have any virus issues and they are so easy to fix anyway with Malwarebytes available for free at I use Avast free edition anti virus and it works great, also at Filehippo.

    Source(s): Computer geek-I like AMD cpus but most people say Intel is faster if you can spend more.
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    it could,yet i dont propose you to purchase it.the guy advertising isn't trustable.He took 2 3.4GHz and count huge sort it as 6.8GHz it quite is quite deceptive.extra this exhibits the broker have little adventure with computers and because it particularly is broker refurbished,he meddled with it,and probable he knockes loose capacitors which will at last make the computing device fail in improve.I propose you construct an i3/A8 construct your self.

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