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How difficult is AP World History?

Passed all social studies courses easily before, just wondering whether this is as challenging as it sounds. How heavy is the homework and is the end of the year exam hard? I plan on playing sports as well, so I am not sure how it will work out.

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    I'm not sure about World but I have AP European History so I can't ell you how hard World is. But today was the AP World test mine was Friday. The homework depends on your teacher. My teacher was/is more like coach than a teacher. He never assigns us homework. Last year he did in regular world history but bc he thinks that AP is college level he should treat us almost at a college level and not assign hw. I can tell you the material may not be the same but it's similar in parts. World you go from the beginning of civilization to the modern world, present day or almost present day. Euro you go from renaissance to modern day. The AP test for world is 70 questions A though D in 55 mintues. Euro is the same time but 80 questions A through E. Both have a DBQ(data based question) and two FRQs(free response question). You get 45 mins for the DBQ and 30 for each FRQ and 15 mins of planning for the DBQ.

    How well you do depends on your ability. I have friends that do sports and take AP. Some fail miserably in that class and some do wonderful. I do pretty well but i don't do sports just other extra curriculars. But next year I will do volleyball and take 3 APs. I only took AP Euro this year. Oh boy is the end of the year exam hard? YES! If it wasn't it wouldn't be AP. Multiple choice no way around that you can look for clues or hints but know that stuff but don't study too much on just that. DBQ not that hard you bc everything is there for you all the documents and info you need you just need to be about to organize how to say them. And FRQs what are you going to do? It's either you know them or you don't. You get two of them and 3 choices for topics for both. 1st 3 or from the 1st semester and the 2nd 3 or from the 2nd semester.

    The exam was not as horrible as I imagined but not as easy as I hoped. If you do do out of school activities makes sure to make room for studies. You HAVE to study for that you can't just wing it and hope to pass bc you won't that way. And don't stress too much bc I did and I blanked out for a while but I regained my senses and I hoped I passed.

    And don't listen to people that say the test was easy. My teacher said if you say it's easy that's something to be worried about bc it's not easy. Not even close to being supposed to. But yeah. Don't stress and study earlier bc I barely started studying like a week before. Oh I'm soo stupid. Oh well. I think I did okay ish. I hope :(

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    It's easy, I took the exam today and piece of cake (hoping for a 5). The class is unlike any class you've taken before though, its a lot more work. Dont worry about the sport thing, I took ap wh and badminton from February to April and I actually got a better grade, helped me with time management. It's not a lot of work for an ap class but a lot more than an honors class. Expect about an hour, at least, of homework almost everyday, and DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Study in march for the AP exam by the way, NOT may or April like me it might screw you over. Good luck and take it, you'll regret it if you don't, I know I would at least.

    Source(s): Freshman who just took the AP WH Exam.
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    I am a ninth grader in AP World historical past. I am required to do outlines for each and every textbook bankruptcy which might be time drinking, senseless paintings. they are able to take me 20 hours on traditional (sure 20 hours, that's no longer a typo :P ) I do not know in case your instructor calls for those, however i discover that the know-how isn't too elaborate however the outlines require plenty of time. I discover the Barron's ebook handy and that my textbook internet site (pearson ap international) has very well train questions. I debated for many years over whether or not or no longer i must take this path however taking it was once the correct resolution. founded in this, i could say that founded on quandary this is a 6 out of 10 however paintings shrewd this is a eight.five out of 10

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