How to become better at dota?

I know the basics and have played a couple of times. The thing that is still getting me is what items to buy? Any help please?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have to state on which area you are sucking at. I will try to help you as best as i can with my personal experience. For all new-comers in dota, i have a very useful tip for you, it changed my whole game play and basically i improved a lot from just that. Here's it, buy a TP scroll wherever you go! Don't be stingy to buy a TP scroll to go to other lanes and help your teammates! Back whenever you can and keep a lookout on the minimap.

    If you can last hit well, concentrate on farming while looking out for opponents trying to gank you and back when you feel that they are coming. When team-mates require assistance, go and help them, don't farm too much.. Stop farming when your teammates really require your assistance, even when you are like 200 gold away from your item.

    Just don't die in dota and be alert and participate in ganks. Also, farm well! It is part of the key to victory, the absence of a cheap item like a magic wand could determine your outcome in team clashes.

    As for the items part, well, it really depends on the heroes that you are playing. Generally, all heroes would need boots.. Depending if you want a DPS-hero, go for a power treads. A hero with mana shortage every single time? Go for Arcane Boots! A hero who always find himself chasing heroes but cannot catch up? Go for Phase boots! All heroes in dota can start items with a set of tangoes, 2 bracers and 1 tp scroll

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  • 9 years ago

    The items actually depends upon what hero you are using. Try playing with A.I.s first. Watch closely what they make according to their hero's attributes. For beginners try easy A.I.s then move on to the insanes. Remember, items isnt the only thing needed to play, u must have total control over your hero. Farming and denying creeps depends upon your speed and control over ur hero and your mouse. Pressing "s" from time to time increases ur chance to slay or deny the creeps and makes sure u earn gold from it. Hope it helps

  • 9 years ago

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