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I can't stand the weakness and powerlessness of this human form?

Seriously, all it would take to end me is one stab of a knife or one gunshot, one tumble down the stares...etc. Its outrageous how weak the human body is. I believe I deserve something stronger and more worthy of respect than this crap.

The fact that i'm exactly the same as every other human on this planet (physically) really upsets me. It makes me feel insignificant and unworthy.

I MUST be stronger, I must have some kind of distinguishing feature about me, be it super speed, immortality, just anything beyond this pathetic human form.


Milton: To make that conclusion, you would probably need to spend more time with me to do an in-depth mental analysis. That being said, If I was a superhero, I would still protect pathetic losers like you from harm.

Update 2:

ǝʞɐןɟ-uɹoʞ: To tell you the truth, I didn't even think of it that way. It's very selfish, its all about my frustration with myself, I don't even think of others.

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    8 years ago
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    The human mind can do so much when it is free of debris.

    The stories, from animal times, about conflict for food, water, mates, get spouted

    forever, as though we were still there. The strong ones, the fast ones, the small ones,

    the many all have advantages we don't, yet we made it, so far.

    How did that happen?


    Don't jump better than a tiger.

    Are not stronger than a gorilla,

    Not bigger than an elephant,

    Not smaller than a mouse,

    Don't swim better than a seal,

    Not more numerous than mosquitos,

    Not as beautiful as hummingbirds,

    Have pitiful fur, no hooves, no claws, and small teeth.

    Our vision is not as good as an eagle’s. We can’t smell as acutely as a shark. We can’t even run as fast as a bear, just farther.

    Yet, here we are, with technology to fly faster than a bullet, machines to move

    mountains, able to destroy cities in an instant, talk to moms across the Earth,

    message thousands at once, go to the moon, see back in time for billions of years,

    split atoms, and split the parts of atoms, laser gigabytes on little bits of silicon.

    How did we get from worrying about the next tuber, the next monkey on the fire, the

    next clam in the soup, the next lion at night, to where we are wondering how many

    species we will force into extinction this year, and how high the ocean will rise

    because of our C02, and methane from our cows?

    We ganged up on them all by learning to cooperate more closely than any other

    species. Maybe language came before, or after, but the combination is unique on

    this planet.

    That gave us freedom to develop the mind beyond the animal state, yet sociopaths

    keep prattling on about inevitable conflict. We got here by learning to resolve

    conflict, even though we have allowed the sociopaths to become psychopaths, and to

    take us very close to global disaster .

    What is the debris that so clutters the mind that we forget what we can clearly see, and remember, and which great teachers repeatedly tell us?

    What is the source of the confusion that causes us to be told that conflict is inevitable as though we were zebras and lions, or deer, and wolves?

    Although it is true that there is constant competition for resources at all levels of existence, even single celled animals form colonies. Cooperation is more profitable than competition, yet we forget, and let the war industry beat the drums of conflict.

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  • Alex
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    8 years ago

    Hahaha!!! I used to be just like you! Then I realized I might not be the center of the world. But I still think I am.

    I think this is my punishment. I must have lost a battle or something in the otherworld and have been banished here to live as an equal among all the other humans.

    But maybe I played too many video games or watched too many movies. Either way it's not fair... Of course I don't think there is a such thing as fair or unfair. Imagine if everyone has superpowers. That would be normal thus not super.

    If you really exist outside of my own mind, then tell me why you deserve to have those things while I and the rest of everyone don't?

    What I most want is something basic, I just want to be sure that my mind can escape my physical body. That's all I care about is my mind.

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  • Milton
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    8 years ago

    Jeez, you would think you will be called upon to be a superhero. Truth be told Bunky, you will be allowed to live out your pathetic life without a mark on you because you just don't have the mettle to be a superhero. Power is in the mind not the body.

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  • 8 years ago

    Try surgery.

    Maybe they have a spare titanium body in the closet.

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  • 8 years ago

    stitch an armour to your skin and wear a turbo jet rollerblades for super speed you ****** *****

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