Disneyland and travelling in paris?

Hi there, a group of us are travelling to disneyland paris for 3 days and plan to spend one day in paris and the other day at disneyland. We are staying quite close to disneyland in Marne la vallee, what i what to ask is does anyone know how the travel system works, how much is it for a day travelcard or would it work out be better to buy a carnet (10 single tickets) as we only plan to go into the city once during our stay. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, especially money saving tips. Also tips on where to visit in paris as well as tips about disneyland itself.

Thanks in advance


Plus how much do the main attractions cost...eg. Eiffel...and are the queues very long.

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    Paris - the choice of sites depends on the interests of your group. You might all prefer shopping to Napoleon's tomb or Invalids, Best look at what is rated as best sites to see in Paris on Tripadvisor as this has the most up to date info and tips. If you are staying in the centre you might not need to buy a ny travel card rather walking as it is a city to see not travel under on the metro.

    There is a direct train from Paris to Marne and also from Marne to Disney. {Check out -you can get a tgv to Charles de Gaulle if leaving by plane from there it is a 9 minute journey and allows you much more time in the park.. Disney Buses say allow 45 minutes travel and add a minimum of 30 minutes extra to that, more in high season.

    Best tip is do as much research first and finalise a group agreed plan daily so much time is wasted talking when there if not organised all info is readily available on the net and with Google Maps you can fly over everything to ensure you know your way round

    Good site to start http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g187147-A...

    get a map before you travel to see where you can walk to and what is te best views on the way back and keep in mind Paris needs far more than one day so Major sites only and only one Museum. The Cafe in the Louvre complex served realistically prices food, basic and fast

    There are various sites that give ratings as to the best rides etc in the Park but always try to get there as early as possible


    http://www.valdeurope.fr/files/valdeurope.fr/plans... sorry in french but will give you idea of where to eat in evening without park prices and also to have Breakfast before the Park as it is faster and better value than most hotels in marne

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    if you are group then best way to travel with private transfer service. you can get the cost around 50-60euro . i


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