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Ben asked in SportsBasketball · 8 years ago

Should Wade be suspended in the interest of fairness, his foul was the same as Jason Smiths foul on Griffin?

Smith received a 2 games suspension for this:

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Should Wade be suspended for this:

So will the league do the fair thing and suspend Wade, or will Stern protect his golden boys of the Miami cHeat?


If you think Wade deserves to be suspended feel free to repost my question. Get the word out that the fans want equitable treatment.

Update 2:

@Carolina Panthers: I agree with everything you said. But a guy can still hope for fairness.

If Wade misses one game in Indiana, they wont lose that much money will they?


Update 3:

One game suspension in the playoffs is plenty. Your right @Jimmy, 2 is a death sentence.

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  • 8 years ago
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    C'mon Ben. You, I, and this entire section knows David Stern won't suspend a Miami Heat player in the playoffs. Not only that, but the situations were a little different.

    Jason Smith (Who?) checked Blake Griffin (That amazing dunker?) = 2 game suspension. The NBA likes money. They don't like people messing with their money.

    Dwayne Wade (Superstar guard, maybe top 50 player) checked Darren Collision (Um....He's okay) = 0 game suspension, possibly a little meaningless fine. The NBA likes when the Heat win, that brings in ratings, which brings in ticket and memorabilia sales, which brings in money. They don't like messing with their own money.

    Is it fair, hell no, but nothing in the NBA is fair these days anyway.

    If the NBA suspended Amare Stoudimire for Game 7 of the playoffs for having a foot on the court while on the sidelines, then one would think Wade should be kicked out the F***** playoffs. Its too bad the games are fixed, which makes you wonder why we tolerate this crap? Its a shame that I was fully prepared for the refs to call their way to a Miami win today. Shouldn't be like that in the NBA, but thats just how it is.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Should he be suspended for his NHL style body check? Absolutely. You're right that its the exact same foul as Smith's.

    Will he be suspended? I don't think so. Its Dwayne Wade. If he were to get 2 games for it, that would basically be the series. The Heat would be down to Lechoke only, and the Heat's supporting cast isn't even as good as the Cavs teams Lechoke was on, so they'd be done. Won't happen because the NBA must protect the Heat above all.

  • 8 years ago

    Yeah, I gotta say you're right I think he should be. If the league wants to show that it doesn't bend the rules for stars (which I think it does), they should suspend him for 1 game at least. That is the EXACT same type of foul. In both Smith and Wade's fouls, they made zero attempt at the ball, they were just all-out tackles.

    That looks like what you do to a wide receiver in football lol.

  • richie
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    8 years ago

    Yeah probably. Wade has been known to give hard fouls. He's not gonna go easy especially in the playoffs. That's good and all, but as you said, in the interest of fairness.

    Hell, he fouled Kobe real hard in the ALL STAR game.

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  • 8 years ago

    He should be, but he'll probably just get a tongue lashing from Pat Riley after he gets a text or an email from David Stern. It's a shame.

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