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我目前在美國讀大學 (((台灣人




我是台灣人 那如果我符合妳說的資格的話可以報考美國會計師嗎?

證照資格 以及其他資格等等 是完全比照美國人嗎

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    Search online.

    Your state government has department or agency responsible for the qualification of accountants.

    In there, you will know the specific procedures and qualification.

    In general, according to AICPA, a person must hold a Bachelor in Accounting or Business, which includes at 24 semester unit (or equivalent) in accounting or related courses in order to sit for the exam.

    2012-05-17 18:00:46 補充:

    The issue is not about if you take the exam or not.

    It is more about if you can get CPA at all - CPA requires on the job experience. So you may have to check with your state agency to determine if overseas experience counts or not.

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