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Ivy bridge or SSD . . . .?

is it mainly the SSD that makes my laptop run really cold? or does it have to do with the processor (i7 ivy bridge) I'm just curious

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    The SSD is probably the culprit. Hard drives when in a confined space usually get a little toasty. I have an SSD in my desktop and it stays at room temperature. Sounds like the cooling on your laptop is pretty efficient at cooling if the processor isn't getting very hot. Typically intel's don't get as hot as AMD processors but i would mainly say it's the SSD.

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    SSDs are super-duper cool.I have one and it's very cool and extremely faster than any hard drive I've ever had.It also allows you to walk around with your laptop without worrying about hurting anything inside because as you know,you can't walk around with your laptop if you have a hard drive because the reading eye may accidentally scratch the plates due to shaking.

    What makes your computer cooler is actually the fans lol

    The CPU is also important and Ivy bridge is based on 22nm very cool architecture but it can get hoot when you use it on full power so #1 thing that keeps your lappy cool is simply the fan....

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    The ssd run a lot cooler than the sata and the worst ide drives , agree your fan is the culprit in keeping the laptop very cool, as one answer say must have a very good one.

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    Why not a Sandy bridge ? ;) ;)

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