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Are Eastern teams really good at defense.. or do they suck offensively?

Celtics, Heat, Sixers, Pacers. These are the last 4 teams remaining in the Eastern Conference bracket. EACH one of them are top 10 in defensive ratings in the RS, and even their Playoff D is great (i HARDLY see an eastern team scoring over 95 points) Strong conference, right?

Here's the catch: The last 4 teams are also one of the WORST in offense. the Celtics average 91ppg (26th) Sixers- 93ppg (22nd) Pacers- 97ppg (13th) The only elite offensive team reaming in the East are the Heat, and their 7th in ppg.

The top 5 teams in ppg are the Nuggets (In the playoffs), Spurs (in the playoffs), Thunder (in the playoffs), Jazz (in the playoffs), and the Bucks. the only eastern team there missed the playoffs.

Obviously Eastern teams have easier schedules than the Western teams do. For they get to play teams like the Bobcats, Raptors, Pistons, Cavs, Nets, and Wizards more than Western teams do.

Final Question: Are Eastern teams defensive juggernauts, or are they a fluke?

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    All I gotta say is...defense wins championships.

  • Adam H
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    There are actually about an equal amount of great teams in the East as there are in the West. The only difference is there are no Bobcats in the West. The worst team is the Hornets, and the Hornets actually beat quite a few good teams including the Lakers and the Clippers. There are no super weak teams in the West like there are in the East. You have to fight for every win in the West, while in the East you barely even have to play to win sometimes

    East good teams- Heat, Bulls, Celtics, 76ers

    West good teams-Thunder, Lakers, Spurs, Clippers

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    you assert the Pistons have become previous...notwithstanding the only gamers they have over 30 are McDyess and Billups. It only appears like they are previous because they have kept a similar 4 midsection adult men for countless years. Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson, Rodney Stucky, Afflalo, are all below 25. Afflalo has sixth guy ability, all the different youthful guns are destiny starters. The nets notwithstanding, ARe too previous. Kidd is a good defender and great passer yet his scoring has been mediocre at outstanding and that's only going to worsen as he receives older. Carter is a flashy and may carry a crew in certain situations yet he's basically too streaky. he will carry your crew to a win or a loss by utilizing himself. Toronto isn't a foul crew. they're a crew on the upward push. Colangelo is between the great GM's interior the league and received NBA-waiting skills and the fast progression of Bargnani commonly is the element that receives them to the second one round or in the adventure that they bust back. Yeah that's interesting to make sure KG, Pierce and Allen playing mutually and that is a powerful blend, notwithstanding the promise of that crew ends there. Rondo has just about 0 journey and the bench is mushy, shallow and eco-friendly. they're going to be solid for 40 5+ wins and a respectable shot on the finals yet when "huge toddler" and Gabe Pruitt do not develop into solid gamers by utilizing the day previous to this then the inability of intensity will eat any possibility the C's have.

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    Both, Heat cant score if they depend on Wade and James, but they both have been on the 1st NBA defense team. Celtics rely on defense, only Ray and KG are consistent. Only David West is a true scorer on the Pacers, but Granger and ibbert are great defenders. 76ers are just small

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    Eastern teams are defensive team so for me, if you're a defensive team the your offense will be not really good because you're focusing on defense but to win a game defense over offense even you aren't shooting well there is a time that you hit a shot.

  • Anonymous
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    It means they know how to play D..The Western teams are a bunch of fairys, Eastern Teams go hard

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    Yup you nailed it. When coaches like mike brown say they are defensive coaches that just means they suck at everything but since their in the east they give up a low ppg.

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