Magpul "Pre-Training System" products?

This may seem ignorant, but I can't seem to find anything on this.

What is the difference between a Magpul product and its PTS counterpart?

I have an MOE stock on one of my rifles, and I've seen these PTS counterparts for both the MOE and the CTR, and also for the MBU sights and angled foregrips.

What on earth is the difference? Manufacturing method? Manufacturing location?

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  • Nigel
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    9 years ago
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    PTS is Magpul's line of toy gun products geared towards use in replica guns called "airsoft" that shoot little plastic pellets. The PTS line is of much cheaper quality and will not hold up to the recoil of a REAL gun (their MBUS will not hold a zero). Most PTS parts are made in China, not the USA, which is why they are cheaper. If you are buying parts for an AR or some other similar rifle, stay away from PTS!!!

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