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Nicole asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 years ago

What are some questions I could discuss regarding the nature of Atomic Bomb/ Nuclear Testing?

So for my research paper, I am able to talk about ANY topic known to man.

I'm interested in writing about the controversies revolving around nuclear testing that were conducted in the 1950s in Nevada, about 60 miles away from Las Vegas.

***********Background Information***********

These tests would be conducted on large scales, and "Downwinders" (people who lived far away from the testing site, but who lived close enough to see the explosions) were encouraged to conduct "blast parties". Families would all sit outside together, enjoying the view of the bomb on the horizon... all while wearing radioactive badges. The AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) would then collect the badges to measure how far the radioactivity traveled.

Many of these people, after being exposed to such high nuclear radiation, developed cancer and other health complications and pregnancy issues in the years that followed. (Many of the effects are still felt).


^^ This is just a sampling of information I will use to write my essay, but what questions can I use? I need to come up with some sort of question before I begin writing, so I will be able to come up with a thesis.

SO, what are some questions I can use to answer my essay?


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  • 8 years ago
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    It sounds like you're better read on this subject than many who will try to answer this question. I'd try to contrast the social implications of the testing as seen through the eyes of someone today vs. the way it was seen back then. Today such tests are roundly condemned and vilified. How were they viewed in the 50's? Why? I know there were those against the tests - were their objections sound by today's standards or were they nut-jobs worried about igniting the atmosphere or such?

    Two anecdotal tidbits...

    Pro - I have an uncle who received a phone call late one evening from a buddy in the military. He was asked to go out back and watch the north-western horizon without being told why. He did and the whole horizon lit up like dusk. A Nevada test as seen from LA. He talked about it for years.

    Con - My mother-in-law refused to dry her kid's diapers outside because of possible fallout from the tests. She was not at all downwind from Nevada, but still...

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