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I just got an imac and want to find a good mmorpg with open world sandbox features and mounts and pvp? Thanks?

Played wow and eve and tried age of empires 3 and im a fan of final fantasy but i heard 14 online was a fail. I also am not big on starwars but any advice would be apreciated thanks in advance

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    EVE Online, biggest sandbox of the MMOs, many spaceships as your mounts and epic pvp of 1 vs 1 or massive fleet battles, if you want to try it email at for a 21 day VIP trial.

    check that out for all the things you can do

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  • Daniel
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    8 years ago

    eRepublik is a nice browser based multiplayer global strategy game in which you can:

    - Conquer your country neighbours and extend its territories.

    - Claim a land and develop your economic empire.

    - Fight against real people on the battlefield.

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  • 8 years ago


    I'd say Minecraft is pretty fun($27), but I have no idea what mmorpg is...

    Source(s): Play the game.
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