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Do I have a Tylenol addiction?

I got my tooth extracted two months ago but the root is exposed causing sensitivity, thus causing me to be in pain. I have been taking Tylenol Extra Strength for at least two weeks but no longer than four weeks. I was on Vicodin for a bit after I got my tooth extracted. I have two questions:

1. Am I addicted to Tylenol?

2. Could I get liver failure? I don't have any of the symptoms currently.

I am very scared but I have to take Tylenol in order to not be in pain for the time being until the tissue heals. I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.

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    NO!!!!!!!! Don't be absurd.

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    There is no known physical addictive potential to acetaminophen (Tylenol) -- but that is not to say that you cannot become psychologically addicted. To determine this you just have to quit taking it; if you can't without significant distress then one can presume you do have a degree of psychological addiction.

    This leads to question number 2. There is much more concern in the past few years about the risks of chronic Tylenol consumption on the liver -- and there is certainly data to suggest that the risk is significant. You don't say the dose you have been taking but it sounds excessive -- try using naproxyn or ibuprofen instead (don't take them on an empty stomach) -- they should work better for the inflammation of a dental root anyway. But your tooth should not be hurting that long -- go back and see your dentist!!

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